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10/02/2005 5:23pm,

i am SURE you've seen this before but bullshido searches yield nothing of substance. so im gonna post this at risk of being trollshidowned.

but what the hell is up with this? ive known about it and been on their mailing list for a LONG ASS TIME. and i know lloyd's trained some good grapplers but is the program really good? more importantly, has anyone tried it>?

thank you for your time.

10/02/2005 5:27pm,
Worked for Mike Fowler.

Edit: and I'm pretty damn sure this has been discussed before.

10/02/2005 5:33pm,
it seems "free" so why dont you try it out and tell us how it worked? I mean it seems legit, but then again things that say they are free usually cost somthing in the long run.

10/02/2005 5:42pm,
theres a book you order eventually; thats what i meant by the "program" and such. that parts not free, but the emails are.

and yes, im quite certain this isnt the first time its been on here but i couldnt find anything so what the hell.

10/02/2005 5:47pm,
I signed up just for shits and giggles. Let's see what happens.

10/02/2005 6:01pm,
it's legit kind of but the marketting is way over the top. The product is not out and I am certain that it will cost a bunch of dough. At the core of all of it is that Lloyd uses exsisting sport psychology information - that has you envisioning technique and making it work for you, making you believe that anyone can do anything if they work hard and just believe.

Him and Fowler both grappled FULL TIME (as in this was their job, no time for anything else). He also takes TONS of notes and studies them hardcore.

He is pretty amazing, he would have been a terror if he continued with Vale Tudo, def UFC material.

Gypsy Jazz
10/03/2005 1:50am,
I don't know when I found this, but seeing as it was free, I signed up for the news letter. A lot of his stuff is him telling stories of how his ego got in the way of training, and how everyone should lose their ego. Good adice to be sure, but I think something like 3 of the letters I've gotten have been stories about how his ego screwed him up. He also advocated writing stuff down from training, which as I understand is very popular for serious martial artists.

It's all good advice and I end up getting some product plugs every so often, but it doesn't bug me too much. I'll copy a few paragraphs that cover big points so you guys can get a gist of things.

"Do me a favor. The next time you practice, write down
everything you think you did wrong. Pick one thing that
you are going to concentrate on to make sure you do not
make the same mistake again. Out of your entire list just
pick one thing, and at your next practice I want you to
concentrate on that area."

"If you are not familiar with it I will give you a quick
example. No matter what the situation, No matter
how bad it seems. You must talk to yourself and
tell your self why it is not that bad and how you will
fix it."

"Tip number one: Every day you attend class you should have a
clear picture of what part of your game you want to improve.
Do not let ego force you into a non-productive day of Learning.
You're going to class to learn, not to see how many of your
teammates you can beat."

If I were training more seriously at the moment I would definately follow his tips, but I am in the middle of a lot of stuff right now and am also without a place to trian. It's all about getting yourself in the right mindset for training, thusfar it has not adressed anything on technique, conditioning or game plans. It's free though, so why not give it a shot?

10/03/2005 3:51pm,
Got this Email a little earlier today ... Lloyd has a guy in it ... Brandon Vera (sp?):

I wanted to let you know that tonight
on SPIKE TV they will be airing
The Ultimate Fighting Championships
"Ultimate Fight Night" LIVE at 9pm EST.

They are expecting between 1-2 million viewer
tonight. This will be the most watched UFC
in the history of the sport.

10/03/2005 4:15pm,
Brandon Vera, was at one point #5 in America for Greco Roman and is a BJJ Brown Belt. A wrestler that is really good but he also has a wocked triangle. He is super flexible and is supposed to have really good standup. SO much so that he teaches and was supposed to try out for K1