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8/14/2002 10:38pm,
How 'ya doing, little buddy?

Have you recovered from the trauma of having seen HUNTER doing his deed, or are you going to need some therapy?

Roidie McDouchebag
8/14/2002 10:38pm,
I didn't see it, only read about it.

8/14/2002 10:51pm,
Oh, what a sight it was...

Roidie McDouchebag
8/15/2002 2:04am,
I once saw a picture of that sort of thing on bangedup.com or some site like that where they don't tell you what it is until you click on it though. I think it's the sort of thing you just never need to see.

8/15/2002 2:46am,
Well, another cool part of the HUNTER pose was seeing all that friggin' roid acne all over his body.

8/15/2002 2:58am,
Wow, if The Hunter juices he's even more fucked up than I thought.

He needs some counseling....or maybe just lock the S.O.B. up and throw away the key. Choke is smart for leaving the board, and so is everyone else.

Peedee, I know you like The Hunter and will stand up for the guy but he has issues. If he really juices,I've no respect for the guy whatsoever, and he deserves any embarrasment and ridicule he gets.

8/15/2002 3:00am,
I Choke You, I read that you are taking creatine, to pack on some weight, if you need any info or advice let me know. I know what I' talking about, My dad is a personal trainer and I work at a gym.
If you need any advice or tips let me know, you know the e-mail addy or you can just use the board to get ahold of me.

Roidie McDouchebag
8/15/2002 4:12am,
Oh, hehe, no creatine, I asked whether it was a good idea and got a mixed response and decided not to do it.

8/15/2002 4:28am,

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8/15/2002 4:49am,
10FOD- No respect for the guy because he juices?! I guess sucking your own crank is OK by you.

What's wrong with doing a cycle or two? He's not competing, so who cares?!

8/15/2002 5:18am,
Choke, I am also in the boat of trying to put on weight. I have also stayed away from creatine. I am not sure about the health risks and it is so expensive. I seem to be doing okay with protein shakes. Do you lift, as in pump iron? If you don't, you should to get bigger.

8/15/2002 3:39pm,
Cruzer no, I am not ok with him sucking himself off but at least there's no hance of death or future disability from it.

As far as what's wrong, it's cheating and has numerous health risks, that's like asking what'swrong with taking morphine before a boxing match to gain an edge. Do you even know what steroids are or what they do?

Choke creatine has been safety teste but the only problem no long term studies can be done yet, though there's no reason to believe that it'll do any harm.

Musashi, protein shakes are the way to go, try taking like 3 or 4 a day if you want to help add some extra muscle. Protein bars are good too but some taste horrible you gotta do research on those.

8/15/2002 3:54pm,
Creatine isnt going to hurt you man. Everyone takes this crap SOOOO seriously. I've done STEROIDs and they havent done anything. I have a friend who's a surgeon for Stonybrook university hospitol. Alot of that stuff is so greatly exxagerated its not even funny.

"Migo is such a nerdy, panzy ass, ****** mutherfukker." -Every member of the ADCC Forum(at one time or another).

8/15/2002 4:27pm,
Peedee, my friend... are you trolling now?

Roids don't do any arm? Did you see those friggin' pics of HUNTER with that acne **** all over him?

The harm from roids isn't just some **** that some ninny made up. Plenty of double blind scientific studies to back up the harmful effects of it.

8/15/2002 4:40pm,
...and the fact that you're not impotent yet, or bald, or have testicular cancer, doesn't mean roids are not harmful...

that's like saying smoking isn't harmful and pointing to George Burns.

Yes, there's always the exception

8/15/2002 9:19pm,
Very funny Ruk and from what I've read also very true. I tried to join ADCC a few times but they weren't taking new registrations. I'm glad now I couldn't because I think those photos would have given me some serious nightmares.