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Big Rob Nyc
9/29/2005 12:13pm,
Link to 3 minute montage video (make sure to turn your sound on)


What most of you don't know is that I have a small study group where we train RBSD, test concepts, strategies, tactics ect.. We often try to video our sessions and then review our footage.
I was recently asked by a friend to put together some video clips of our training so he could see some of the things he had done at our sessions. Instead of sending him hundreds of emails with clips I decided to make a montage. I put together a few different videos for him, they all came out pretty good. So I decided to make one that was a little more exciting that I could show to some of my friends and other training partners.

Well I got nothing but great feedback so I ask my TP's if they'd like to post it on the Senshido forum and we decided it would be cool to let other see who we are and what we do.

I would like to explain a little about the video so you guys can understand what is going on before you watch.

You should first understand that I have over 2 years of footage and if you haven't tried this yourself yet I will tell you it is difficult to fit what we've been doing for over 2 year into a 3 minute video. Also it is very unlikely that we capture the really good footage. It seems that the spontaneous attacks are the most exciting and feral to watch but it is extremely rare that someone is taping when these attacks occur. So what you are seeing is not the best of our sessions and you're also not getting any of the stuff we do at parks or in the yard because we are all involved and no one wants to video. But we have trained in snow deep enough that when you hit the "ground" you're still sinking in it, clammy mud, Rain as well as goose and dog ****. (Once we actually had a dog steal our headgear and we had to chase the dog for a football field that was funny.) However, all the footage you see was recorded in my basement, we find that training in the basement is the ideal environment, it is a tight small area that feels cluttered, it has plenty of improvised weapons and the limited space forces you to defend yourself.

This video was created for entertainment value, excitement and to motivate others to train so view it as that.

You will not see much De-escalation but be aware we go very deep into this topic at every session. And almost all our scenarios usually have around 2 to 4 minutes of de-escalation before an attack is launched. It just didn't fit into this video.

For those who view the montage and feel that it's just a video of constant, pointless fighting and beat ‘em up action, your right it was created for entertainment value. But be aware that we work intensely with the psychological and behavioral aspects of RBSD training. We sometimes go overboard and discuss events and experiments dealing with these crucial elements for much too long (wink). Actually we maybe writing up some articles soon revealing some of our experiments and studies.

So now that you have an idea of what the video is and is not please enjoy our little piece of "ART".

Sorry to all those that train with us but didn't make it into the montage. That was a lot of work… I hope you enjoyed it.

Any comments are appreciated.

Big Rob Nyc
9/29/2005 12:14pm,
Here is a little Play by Play my friend Ronnie wrote for another site.. I thought it would be appropriate to tell everyone what they are looking at so it's easier to follow
1st Scene you are looking at me (Ronnie) and Raul in an ATM scenario where I am going to work. There wasn?t much of a pre-contact phase to this for whatever reason, as I decide to attack rather quickly, but indeed the struggle was very real. Also, many scenarios are readily defused (a great thing), but we wanted to see how Raul?s knife defense was, so I made it more of a physical ordeal than anything else.

2nd scene is some boxing work that is (Big Rob on the right in the red gloves and Pete in the blue gloves.

3rd scene is Big Rob on left and Raul? This is a body shot?s only isolation drill, going less than full power/speed.

4th scene is Jason (Lil Jay) on Left in light blue and Warren (Le W) with the goggles this was a scenario where jay was harassing warren for about 5 minutes

5th scene is Big Rob and Raul vs me in a 2 on 1 attack where we use a metal training blade and a little over kill so that 1 on 1 ground attacks don?t seem so difficult. The point of this is to learn to work and strategize with what you?ve got, and after being on the ground with 2 attackers, one armed with a blade, there aren?t many things which are as challenging anymore.

6th scene is Eddie (Headtr1p36) and I doing a take down drill, where Eddie is just trying to take me to the ground and Ronnie is trying to defend.

7th scene is Pete and I doing a ?get up as fast as you can drill? I have 20 seconds to get out of the mount and on his feet you are seeing final seconds 10 ? 20. Pete is mounted on my back. Essentially, the purpose is to train the explosive element of combat in a completely gross motor state of mind. You will see 0 technique.

8th - 12th Random training scenes

13th scene is a clip of the end of another 2 on 1 with me and Mike (Mike Attanasio) vs. Raul. This is similar to the 2 on 1 Blade Attack from earlier. Notice Raul using Mike?s wrist (who is holding the knife) to stab me, certainly very creative.

14th scene Lil Jay and Raul Boxing

15th ? 17th scene This is Big Rob and Pete and then me and Pete. In this scene we were just going over possibilities and discussing clear control counter. Then I tested it out on Pete at a partial speed. Realistically, you wouldn?t see us go to control the blade and then have the opponent on the ground immediately as Big Rob demonstrates (though Pete wasn?t being compliant and simply reacted to the pain and dynamics of it), but he was showing Pete how to lock/control the arm in and put pressure in if it is able to be done amidst a full out knife attack.

18th scene This is Eddie, Me, Big Rob, Lil Jay and Oz going over some stand up grappling. We stopped taping because Lil jay had the camera and was quickly head locked

19th ? 24th scene this is just some ground work, we don?t really train technique for the ground we go by some concepts (I will go into detail if someone asks) so you won?t really see anything fancy here. Big Rob is demonstrating some locks on me and Pete.

25th scene is me surprise attacking Warren, this started standing up but we didn?t catch that part as it was a surprise but this is what we got. I did not resort to striking Warren i.e. ground and pounding; once it hit the ground my goal was simply to restrain Warren and Warren?s was to do whatever he could to get to his feet.

26th scene is me and warren again this was mid scenario, Lil jay turned the video on a little late and miss the 5 minutes leading up to this attack.

27th scene is me and warren; jay did get a good amount of this scenario so there is a little more leading into it.

28th scene is Warren and me again this was a pretty good scenario as well with a good 2-3 minutes leading up to the attack.

I hope everyone enjoyed the video, as we didn?t do anything in particular to fit a montage on purpose, it was a blast to piece together (thanks to Big Rob?s know how and my love of taking beatings). As mentioned in the video, thanks to everyone who participated and all those who provided feedback. Any and all feedback and criticisms will be most appreciated.

Peter H.
9/29/2005 2:42pm,
That actually looks pretty good. The guy who was teaching (is that you?) looks really familiar, has he been in mags or on TV?

9/29/2005 2:58pm,
Pretty damn good.

9/29/2005 3:14pm,
Not bad at all, considering the conditions ( not going full contact) that si some pretyy good and realistic stuff ( minus the slapping and hand-face rubbing), I especially liked the blade work, very realistic and to the point.

9/29/2005 3:19pm,
looked good guys. Hope all is well BigRob.

Big Rob Nyc
9/29/2005 4:23pm,
Thanks, I am the one teaching and I haven't been on TV or magazines.

I have been getting really great feedback which is pretty exciting because I expected to hear crap about how sloppy it looks and then be forced to defend myself about how it's impossible to look good with real force and no consent training.

It's good to know were on the right track.

9/29/2005 4:26pm,
Real fights rarely look "good" or "pretty" unless on fighter is just head over heels above the rest.

Agian, I liked how you should the multiple stabbing attacks and didn't try to hide how extremely difficult it is to defend against such.

Lord Of Chaos
9/29/2005 9:00pm,
Thanks, I am the one teaching and I haven't been on TV or magazines.

I have been getting really great feedback which is pretty exciting because I expected to hear crap about how sloppy it looks and then be forced to defend myself about how it's impossible to look good with real force and no consent training.

It's good to know were on the right track.

Hi Rob-

Not sure how the majority of the "RBSD" crowd trains, but if Phil is any indiction, it looks like the majority of "training" they do is by pecking away at a computer, drinking beer and eating brownies. It was nice to see you and your students actually rolling with more emphasis on intent than technique because that's what really matters in a fight and many MA's and instructors fail to address that. It was also cool to see you working boxing and wrestling basics. Again, that's another thing that the RBSD crowd seems to take for granted in favor of their make believe "too deadly" techniques. The only thing I was a bit "eh" about were the scenario based drills. I'm not a big fan of training like that- but that's just personal preference/ bias.

9/30/2005 12:26am,
I can never ghet the putfile site to work. The colors come in all weird. ANyone want to host using yousendit?

9/30/2005 2:23am,
Im a newb so forgive me, whats rbsd?

9/30/2005 3:35am,
i had never heard of it either but my guess is that it stands for reality based self defense. very refreshing since all other arts train for hypothetical non real world situations.

Big Rob Nyc
9/30/2005 7:00am,
the scene near the beginning where the guy in light blue was hanging on to the head on his way down. Thats bad fighting.

At what time in the video did this scene occure? are you refering to the scene with the Short Dark guy in the dark blue shirt at around 1 minute?

Also yes RBSD Stands for Reality Based Self Defense.

9/30/2005 7:02am,
that vid was good! More RBSD places should follow suit. It's refreshing to see something that actually looks RB as opposed to the crap the people at PAX force down your throats.

9/30/2005 7:18am,
This is utter CRAP. How can you pass this off as RBSD!?!?!?!?! You showed boxing, grappling with submissions, in a realistic enviorment? I don't think so! No glass appeared, no lava, or even TWIGS!!! TWIGS I SAY!!! THE GRAPPLERS NATURAL ENEMY!!!!! None of the SPORT stuff will work in da sTr33t! Look at the two on one situation! Come On we all know that a real situation they will take turns coming at you were the RBSD guy can throat shot, eye gouge, and groin grope at his leisure! And were was the CHI!?!?! Get it right next time! :thumbsup:

9/30/2005 11:55am,
Great video, it has the things that I like to see:




Realistic Use of Force

I am going to post that link over at http://www.stick-and-knife.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=pa