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9/24/2005 10:15pm,
I've been doing pretty traditional interval training for the past 6+ months, but it doesn't seem like my endurance has increased lately. It seems as if I've struck a plateau in cardio and I'm just mantaining what I already have. I tried increasing the volume of exercise and it did work, but soon my body adapted and did not feel a need to increase anaerobic capacity.

So anyway, I've thought about a lot of things I've done. The exercises that seem to have broken me through plateaus in the past were flurries, and other exercises that had extreme intensity and lasted less than 45 seconds in duration.

I've always been pretty big on bagwork. I always put 80%+ power behind every punch. The idea I'm having now is that although 3 rounds on the heavy bag will help anaerobic capacity to an extent, I don't think you can combine technique and endurance training without having a jack-of-all-trades effect.

So in other words, technique and endurance training should be seperated. I think that I should put less power while working technique on the heavy bag, and reserve that for the actual endurance training.

Now maybe, I should seperate endurance and technique days. Granted, both days would grant endurance and technique carryover, but one has a much larger focus than the other. Now, I have to formulate a plan.

Technique day:

Dynamic stretching
2 rounds shadowboxing (focusing on visualizing an opponent, not just throwing combos)
3 rounds double end bag (one of the best devices to improve head movement, footwork, reduce flinching, improve the jab and everything, IMO)
1 round speed bag
1 round heavy bag jab only
2 rounds heavy bag working combos hands only (again, tech days are intended to be maybe 60% power or less)
1 round clinch (elbows + knees)
2 rounds kicking
Static stretching

Power endurance day (circuit training, 30 second intervals, 30 seconds rest):

Dynamic stretching
Power Jump roping (double jumps, as fast as possible in general)
Jab flurries on heavy bag
Right straight flurries on heavy bag
Hook flurries on heavy bag
Uppercut flurries on heavy bag
Jog in place *active rest*
Roundhouse kick flurries
Static Stretching

This circuit is done twice. Although the total workout time would only be 20 minutes, three times seems unrealistic to me considering the physical taxation of flurries.

Now, I do weight training on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Would it be overtraining to do cardio right after a weight training day.


9/25/2005 11:00am,
Yes. It would be overtraining to do cardio after weightlifting, but 15 minutes of HIIT is fine. Cross Train. Go to your gym, and do 10 minutes of HIIT on 4 different machines, and bump it up to 15 minutes each. Stairmaster, Treadmill, Stationary Bike, and Elliptical Machine. I guarantee you'll increase your aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, and you'll be able to straight blast like there's no tomorrow. Be sure to make Protein Synthesis, you have a one hour window after weight training to get a high amount of protein and other essential nutrients.