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9/09/2005 11:58pm,
Khunpon (Surapon Dechkampu) of Velocity or Manu Ntoh of Alliance. I know that both are accoplished fighters and champions but who trains the best fighters?

9/10/2005 12:01am,
Manu any fucking day of the week.

He's put out GREAT fighters and has trained GREAT fighters.

Khunpon's students get their asses beat all the fucking time and I have never heard of him training with a noteworthy person.

Don't get me wrong, Khunpon is a good good fighter but he hasn't produced anything worth while to make me believe that he is the best in Georgia.

EDIT: Why do you ask? Looking to relocated to GA?

9/10/2005 12:19am,
Yeah thinking about it but no time soon and not really set on where I might go. Just tossing some ideas around. Fucking huricaines and ****.

9/10/2005 12:20am,
Why does Joe have no students? Where is he training?

Khun Kao
9/10/2005 3:04pm,
What about Megalodon Gym? I forget their coaches name, but they are in Georgia and have coached multiple champions

9/10/2005 7:40pm,
If you want to come down to visit and check out Manu, I can offer you a couch for a couple days and the Jetta Taxi service.

9/10/2005 7:55pm,
Since i've not trained with anyone for MT other than Manu, i'll give you my madly biased opinion that Manu is the best.

9/11/2005 1:57pm,
Cool, I will have to come up then. I fought two guys from Megaladon. They have a good camp.

9/11/2005 3:06pm,
wondering who teaches Sambo at that decatour school

11/11/2005 9:15am,
Scott hicks is the answer but he is in Athens not Atlanta. If I wasn't dedicated to my gym and I lived anywhere near there I'd be training with Scott.

Pla Chalarm / Hardcore gym

11/11/2005 9:23am,
The real question is, which one has the REAL MT ?

11/11/2005 9:33am,
Only one gym has a Thai name. Pla Chalarm. They have a good Wai Kru and a training association with a gym in Thailand. They travel there in the summer I think.

For those of you wondering why I'm not pimping my own gym we are focusing much more on Shidokan karate now. We only have a few fighters that are privately trained.

12/01/2005 8:51pm,
The consensus on Bullshido seems to be that Alliance owns. Any other good MT or MMA schools in Atlanta? I'm asking because I might be moving there next year.

12/01/2005 8:59pm,
You also have Velocity.

12/01/2005 11:01pm,
Nope.(to any other good MMA schools in GA)

12/01/2005 11:28pm,
Velocity sucks the fucking nut.

They have ZERO credible home grown fighters. They buy them from other schools. Assuncaos(Alliance) Milsap(Hammerhouse), Khunpon, etc...

They lose so much that their owner had to create his own fighting company and provide shitty ass titles to the fighters(nearly all from Velocity).

The only thing that saves them from being laughed out of Georgia is that they do have some good fighters, although they were b(r)ought in.