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9/08/2005 2:48pm,
Have anybody seen this piece of crap? I know I did.

I know I want 1:30 of my life back after seeing that thing.
I know it is a candidate for the worst movie of the world.
And I know that I hate Chuck Norris. Even more.

9/08/2005 2:57pm,
Whaaaaa? Next you will be saying that Pray For Death wasn't the best ninja film ever.

*whispers* .....Sakura....my brother....

9/08/2005 3:00pm,
piece of crap!?!?! THE OCTAGON is the greatest martial arts movie since Ninja Destroyer came out in 1970.

the ufc just copied Mr. Norris, and came up with their funny looking ring.

9/08/2005 3:07pm,
Whaaaaa? Next you will be saying that Pray For Death wasn't the best ninja film ever.

It's not, the best Ninja film ever was Ninja 3: Domination. I believe this is the first time we find out that only a ninja can kill a ninja, and that tomato juice and breasts go together like milk and cookies.

9/08/2005 3:16pm,
Tadashi Yamashita rules bitches !!

9/08/2005 3:21pm,
Anybody with a flame thrower and a gun attached to his hands is badass in my book. But the American Ninja did beat his ass.

9/08/2005 3:23pm,
Anybody with a flame thrower and a gun attached to his hands is badass in my book. But the American Ninja did beat his ass.

That's because the American Ninja " Possesed great skill " ( Said with lisp).

Ted Deadly
9/08/2005 3:28pm,
Maybe someday they will make this comic into a movie. "Pray for death, hoser!"

9/08/2005 3:28pm,
Please. That movie is like a low profile logic test you take while surfing the internet; you have to figure out what's going on by flipping together random scenes of the storyline. There one part when the scene keeps shifting from a dog barking, to a ninja going up the wall, to Chuck Norris sleeping, to some unknown people singing and dancing then back to the dog, starting the whole cycle, which goes on for about 15 minutes.


9/08/2005 3:54pm,
I think what happened is you missed the subtle undertones and messages The Octagon has to offer. Maybe you weren't ready for it yet. Come back and watch it in 5 years and you might see the dynamics that made The Octagon great. This is possibly one of the most motivating and inspirational movies ever made. It's influence was felt on many of todays top fighters.

In fact, according to a recent poll The Octagon ranks 3rd in 'Film that inspired you to start martial arts'. You can't argue with that.

Matt W.
9/08/2005 5:31pm,
Oh puh-lease! The Octagon was great. A Norris classic. And what's to hate about Chuck, anyways? How can you hate a guy who was one of Americas early MA greats. Competed and was a "karate" champ (yeah, it was point sparring, but that's all they really had then, and it was rougher than todays point comps). Judo BB. BJJ brown under the Machados. And as cheesy and McDojo as the "Kick Drugs Out of America" program is, you have to admit, the guy's trying to accomplish some good in the world.

Besides, Walker Texas Ranger single-handedly kept CBS afloat for about 10 years. Those are jobs saved!!

9/08/2005 5:46pm,
"Come on, Scott, I mean, we have to train hard, but ninja, those guys used to have to pull a bow for three years before they'd let them use an arrow. That kind of dedication just doesn't exist anymore."

Yeah, I own a copy. I almost ordered one from Germany before it was released here. Finally found it for $10 down in St. Thomas. Great Stuff!

9/09/2005 3:49am,
Speaking of great movies, i am partial to the epic motion picture Sidekicks... :eusa_danc :laughing7

9/09/2005 3:59am,
I have a soft spot for The Octagon. It was the first MA movie I ever saw. My dad only wanted to rent James Bond movies all of the time and really did dislike those "karate movies" but I kept whining about wanting to see ninjas and stuff. I finally got to rent The Octagon and watched it three times in a row.

9/09/2005 4:58am,
I love the beginning when chuck is wandering down a lonely country road when he takes a shortcut through the bushes and stumbles across a SECRET NINJA TRAINING CAMP!

Ashida Kim couldn't have written better.

9/09/2005 6:27am,
The Octagon was a classic in its own right.
Tadashi Yamashita as BOTh Sakura and the Ninja with the salad forks, was awesome.
Cho-Cho Norris was he usual cold and impersonal self.
The chick had nice tits.
People were killed with Sai and Shuriken.
People were exposed, some for the first time, to ninjutsu, the sai, the kama and how cool it is to wear black PJ's.

What is NOT to like about the Octagon ?