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9/08/2005 9:51am,
Anybody here using their gloves?

I'm switching from gladiator kenpo gloves to these next week. I've used my sihing's gloves before, and its night and day in terms of protection for my hands and wrists.

Omega Supreme
9/08/2005 10:00am,
Aries is good stuff.

9/08/2005 11:45am,
Omega, what is the difference between the Pro Series boxing gloves and the Super Safety Boxing Gloves, besides $20.

9/12/2005 9:41am,
FWIW, my gloves came in on Friday. I have the Super Safety 12 oz gloves. I've used the Amateur Fight Gloves as well. I was borrowing the AFG, and they were already broken in. So far the SS gloves seem a tad small, and I haven't even tried them with wraps yet. I'm sure when I get to break them in, I'll have a better opinion. My heavy bag is not hanging right now, so I haven't done anything except shadowbox with them. It is night and day from my old gloves. My sifu had stock in the Kenpo gloves, and we had to clear those out before I could move on. Unfortunately, the Kenpo gloves did not stand up to the abuse I was giving them. I was sparring 3 times a week in preparation for a tournament(I lost in the 2nd round), and eventually the seems came loose from balling my hand into a fist. I will not have that issue with these gloves, they form my hand in a more natural fist. The one size fits all issue, well, I have big hands, I could use a half inch more. It feels like I'll be striking with my hand not curled up, so the top of the knuckles may be hard to get. I can't feel how hard I am striking with these, so I feel sorry for my first partner this week. It also feels like I can hide behind these like a shield.