View Full Version : Most of you guys know it already, I'm a Moron

8/14/2002 9:37am,
Hi I'm a moron.

Why do you bother talking to me?

I admit it. I'm limited in my skills. I have none the skills you have.

So before I pose the "what if you have weapons?" question, just remember that I don't know your arts at all and you can probably kick my ass using your technique.

So no more excuses okay? I'll just admit that that I'm really a punk and need 10 more years of training to be as complete a fighter as you are. Or is that too much to ask of me?

8/14/2002 9:56am,
You are THE stupidest motherfukker I've seen. Your even more queer than Migo.

I've got a little contest for you: Why dont you come to NYC and you and I can go out and see who can pick up a girl faster. Everyone here KNOWS you have no skill in THAT dept....

"Migo is such a nerdy, panzy ass, ****** mutherfukker." -Every member of the ADCC Forum(at one time or another).

8/14/2002 10:02am,

LOL! What the hell gave you the idea I'm even remotely interested in girls!? LOL!

You are the man!

PeeDeeShaolin, finally after realzing how much more superior he is in martial arts, has to bring up the bitches contest, which I can't compete in. LOL!

I tell you what Peedee, you come to LA and we'll see who can pick up a GUY faster!

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8/14/2002 11:47am,
What exactly are your skills? I can't seem to find them on your profile...Have you posted them anywhere???
I mean other than you say you can handle a knife, please point me in the direction of your "skills", so I can compare what we do....
Only fair before you start calling everyone on here morons....
Then we'll talk, until then your some strange dude that doesn't get along well with others....

<img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam

8/14/2002 12:44pm,
Notice how he didnt want to take up that challenge tho huh? LMAO!!! What a geek.

"Migo is such a nerdy, panzy ass, ****** mutherfukker." -Every member of the ADCC Forum(at one time or another).

8/14/2002 3:28pm,
I'd take up your challenge PeeDee but I'm not single at the moment. :)

I think I could give you a run for your money, or at least we could each find a girl and have the fight a NHB match instead of us. Not that I'd be afraid it would just be more interesting, and that camera would certainly come in handy on that occasion :)

Roidie McDouchebag
8/14/2002 8:21pm,