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Peter H.
8/02/2005 4:55pm,
Well, the card is set and two weeks away. FPW will be having a TV taping in San Angelo and we want to pack the crowd, so if you are going to be anywhere near here and want to get in free, let me know, I will get you on the list, just PM me. The card is shaping up to be awesome:

Manny "The Raging Bull" Fernandez (2 time NWA Tag Champ with Dusty Rhodes and Rick Rude) v Jack Drastic (both from XCW wrestling)

Pure Greatness v DBK v Vex in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match. PG is the current SWA North American Champ.

The Essential Jason Chavez v Johnny Timberlake 2 out of 3 falls. JC is a former Xplosive Wrestling TV Champ.

Peter Hades (that's me) v Hot Sauce. Hot Sauce if the former Xplosive Wrestling Hvy Wt champ and the current RRE champ. I am a former Xplosive Wrestling TV Champ.

Equilizer & Cremator v JD Carrington and King Flores. Eq formerly of ECW (I think he was their TV champ for a bit) and Creamie did time in Ohio Valley.

Mace v Mike Payne. Mace is the current SWA hardcore champ and Payne is the former RRE Hvy Wt Champ

John E. Dangerously, Spudz McKenzie, Sidd Murder are also booked for the show.

The Show is scheduled for Aug 13th at 6pm, in the Old Lincoln Gym 4100 Bowie St, San Angelo, TX

8/02/2005 5:08pm,
Your last name is Hades?

Oh, that's awesome.

8/02/2005 5:18pm,
I love the fact that you are an aikido instructor and a professional wrestler.

8/02/2005 6:29pm,
Wish I could be in Texas for this one! Not that I've ever been there...

8/02/2005 6:44pm,
I'd be there in a heartbeat if I was anywhere near Texas.

Peter H.
8/02/2005 7:00pm,
Actualy, my real last name just sounds a bit like Hades, and at the same time my brother and I started, the Hardy Boys had just made it the WWF, so we grabbed our ladles and scooped out some gravy as the Hades Brothers.

8/02/2005 7:23pm,
Dude. I have to ask.

Do you wear a mask?

Seriously. At the last GQ in Las Vegas there was a guy in the advanced division wearing a mask. OMG it was so awesome.

Peter H.
8/02/2005 7:36pm,
I used to wear a mask and go under the name Silver Dragon, but I haven't in years.

sui generis
8/03/2005 7:09am,
I vote for a pic showing Peter with his Gi + Hakama, also wearing his old mask and one of those cool championship-belts around his waist ... that would look soooo awesome :new_shock :toothy9:

8/04/2005 12:23am,
Are you a Face or a Heel? I think it would be way more fun to be bad!

I just looked up directions I would love to come but it is an 8 hour drive.

Peter H.
8/04/2005 10:25am,
I'm usually a heel, but I do whatever the promotors want me to do. I'll probably be a heel this time because Hot Sauce is such a nice guy, no matter what he does, people won't boo him.

8/04/2005 10:58am,
Peter have you ever wrestled on the east coast? I used to be huge into the indy feds out here and i was just wondering if you've wrestled any of hte big guys.

Peter H.
8/04/2005 11:51am,
Nope, strictly Texas. I had an offer to go west and into Mexico with AAA a few years ago, but my second daughter was soon to be born and I was still rehabbing my knee. I passed on it, deciding that I would end my wrestling carrier when she was born.

I stayed "retired" for about 8 months. Wrestled and announced spartaically for another year, and didn't go back to a fuller schedule until late last year. Now, I'm divorced taking care of two kids and my rule is if I can't drop them off in th mronign with my parnets or ex and pick them up the next morning, then it's to far for me to go.

Furthest East I'll be is in Dallas, and I may go out to Las Cruces or Albequerque to the West.

8/04/2005 11:57am,
Have any of the big indy names come your way? like Chris Daneils?

8/04/2005 12:08pm,
Good luck Peter. I would love to come support you, but I am lame. Family member in the hospital and getting ready to sell our house is taking up all my free time. I still have that t-shirt with your name on it though. I salute you my fellow central Texan.

Peter H.
8/04/2005 2:46pm,
Manny Fernandez is on this card. T John Tibeduex (used to wrestle the circuit with Andre the Giant) had his final matches with us in Xplosive Wrestling. Eq was in ECW, I think he dropped the TV title to Big Dick Dudley in the early '90's. Dusty Wolfe (saw more TV time than Hogan in the '80's as a canvas back, was also the first Doink the Clown) works with us on occasion. Creamie was in OVW (WWE's developmental system). Hot Sauce and Essential both did tryouts with TNA.

With Indies, a big name is entirely regional. Unless you made the national scene, and held it for a while, nobody knows you except locally. I know of guys like Chris Daniels, Shark Boy, Messiah, and others because I work and read the publications. But if I put Chris Daniels on a poster locally, most fans will say "So what?" They probably have never seen him and have barely heard of him, if at all (Last time he was on TV nationally he was in a non-wrestling role in WCW with Vampiro). I put Hot Sauce on a card and I have people in town who know him and will come to the show just to see him wrestle. I put Manny Fernandez on a card, and then I got something, because everyone in Texas who is into wrestling knows Manny.