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3/23/2003 7:39pm,
The Desert Sun

(From January 30, 2003 )

Karate teacher pleads guilty to sex charge

LARSON JUSTICE CENTER -- A Palm Springs karate teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to having sex with a teenage student and was placed on three years’ probation.

Teresa Ann Nutley was charged with a lewd act on a child under 16 and sexual intercourse with a child under 14, both felonies. She pleaded guilty to the sexual intercourse charge and the other count was dismissed. Judge Graham Cribbs also ordered her to have no contact with the victim and to stay 500 yards away from his home and school. Nutley, 40, was arrested in July after a boy claimed they were having an affair.

Police said the 16-year-old boy was taking private martial arts classes from Nutley when he reported he’d been having a sexual relationship with her for 18 months.


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3/23/2003 7:51pm,
Martial arts instructor charged in sex case


Jan 6, 2003

An alleged child molestation incident that occurred nearly a decade ago has caught up with a Buncombe County man. Robert Yun-Ju Ahn, 56, of Asheville was charged last week with two felony counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. He was taken into custody in lieu of a $40,000 bond. Ahn's arrest stems from an incident that occurred eight or nine years ago, according to investigators with the Marion Police Department.

The suspect, a tae kwon do instructor in Asheville, gave private lessons to the victim at her home in Marion, detectives stated.

It was during these lessons that Ahn allegedly molested the girl, who was 8 or 9 years old at the time, said officers. Details about the incident just recently surfaced during a therapy session, according to investigators. Indecent liberties involves the commission of a lewd and lascivious act upon the body of a child.

Local authorities say Ahn was charged in Buncombe County years ago with crimes of a similar nature.


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3/23/2003 7:58pm,
Police seek dangerous martial artist suspect

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

February 8, 2003

Honolulu CrimeStoppers and the Navy Regional Security Investigation want the public's assistance in locating a suspect described as an armed and dangerous martial artist.

Police said Ian Enitan is wanted on a federal warrant for terroristic threatening and also for questioning for drug and firearms violations. Enitan is also believed to possess a dependent military identification card and may be entering military installations.

Police said Enitan is trained in various martial arts and should be considered dangerous. Enitan, 35, is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 135 pounds, with a slim build, black hair, brown eyes and tattoos on his right arm, left shoulder, left ankle and left hand.

Anyone with information about Enitan may call naval investigator Travis Earl directly at 474-6205.

Anonymous calls may also be made to CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or *CRIME on a cellular phone.



CrimeStoppers Honolulu News Release

News Release
February 10, 2003



CrimeStoppers and the Navy Regional Security Investigations want to announce that Ian ENITAN turned himself in at 1 p.m. today at the front gate of Pearl Harbor. ENITAN stated he heard that he was profiled as a wanted fugitive. ENITAN was wanted for a federal warrant for Terroristic Threatening. Thanks to the callers that gave information about Ian ENITAN.

There is no hiding from CrimeStoppers.


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3/26/2003 8:28pm,
Demoralised teachers 'failing to report abuse'

By Nigel Bunyan


Violent and abusive behaviour in Britain's schools has become so prevalent that teachers are too scared or too demoralised to report the incidents, it was claimed yesterday. In a single 10-day period one teacher received a death threat, while another was stabbed three times in the neck with a compass, a survey by the NASUWT discloses. Neither incident was reported to the local education authority and, as a consequence, no disciplinary or criminal action was taken.

The survey, conducted during the last two weeks of January, involved teachers working in 304 primary, secondary and special schools. It uncovered 838 cases of verbal abuse and 126 of physical abuse, 62 of which were sexual and mostly directed towards women. On nine occasions teachers were subjected to racial abuse. Fifteen cases of verbal abuse were from children in reception classes and seven in nursery schools. Although all the teachers who took part in the survey work in four North-West local education authorities, Eamonn O'Kane, general secretary of the union, believes their experiences are replicated throughout the country.

"Our survey paints a depressing picture of behaviour that goes way beyond the normal badinage of the classroom," he said. "The sort of language employed can be deeply degrading, particularly to female teachers." Mr O'Kane said it was essential that head teachers and LEAs introduced effective systems in which incidents of abuse could be reported. At the moment the tendency was for the issue to be swept under the carpet. Of the 964 incidents recorded by the survey, only eight had been logged by LEAs.

One teacher recalled yesterday how a parent threatened to kill him for substituting his son during an under-15s football match. The 52-year-old PE master, who asked not to be identified, said: "At the end of the match a parent came up and berated me for having taken his son off in the second half to allow others to have a go. "He told me he was a black belt in karate and then said 'I'm going to f****** kill you'."

The incident was reported to police and the man was arrested. He was later fined £250 and made the subject of an injunction. "I did feel threatened at the time," said the teacher. "I was concerned about him coming back to school and concerned, too, about my family. I can well understand why other teachers don't report this kind of incident, because they are worried about repercussions."

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3/27/2003 2:35am,
"At the end of the match a parent came up and berated me for having taken his son off in the second half to allow others to have a go. "He told me he was a black belt in karate and then said 'I'm going to f****** kill you'."

I don't know about you folks, but a statement like that would reduce me to such a state of uncontrollable laughter, that stylist may just get the opportunity to carry out his outlandish threat. It makes me chuckle just thinking about it. :)

3/28/2003 3:30pm,
Parents Sue Karate Academy After Boy Is Injured

Attorney Says Visiting Instructor Kicked Boy In Testicles

EST February 6, 2003

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. -- A boy training to be a karate champion allegedly took some damaging kicks below the belt, so now his family wants to deliver a legal blow to the academy where he studied.
The boy's family says pictures of bruised 10-year-old Isaac Afonso (pictured) were taken after a karate session at the Academy of Martial Arts on Key Biscayne. Afonso is now 12 and says he was kicked by a 35-year-old black belt who was also training at the academy.

"I just go like that. And he go, 'Oh, OK. Now you going to see what happen, and then he start kicking me," Isaac Afonso said. "A visiting instructor, we'll call him, committed a tort, a battery on him, kicked him directly in the testicles," said attorney Forrest Sygman.

Afonso's lawyer says the boy suffered permanent damage and his karate future may be over. The academy's lawyer says it never happened. Both sides will meet with a mediator in March.


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3/29/2003 9:46pm,
kung fools WTF IS wrong with thse karate people? they all must have a supriority complexto to go out and keep doing shitlike this..

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3/29/2003 11:00pm,
kung fools WTF IS wrong with thse karate people? they all must have a supriority complexto to go out and keep doing shitlike this..

Hmmm, (ponders) ... frankly, I'm still trying to figure that out. As we now know, the Maryland sniper was a karateka himself. I'm afraid it's going to take many more years of constant psychoanalytical research on my part before I can begin to give you a quantifiable answer Blade Windu.

6/14/2003 2:34am,
Karate black belt leads him to crime

J. Dey

Mumbai, August 2: Fourth dan black belt Jerry David should have been honing his skills for forthcoming karate competitions at Ohio in the US next month. Instead he’s been cooling his heels in police custody for the past one week. David, a reputed martial arts teacher in the eastern suburbs, and an accomplice Vinod Patil are found to have been the prime movers of a plot to loot a jeweller in Mulund last month. The plan went awry when a team under Senior Inspector Praful Bhosle closed in. David was overpowered by a strong posse which, almost to the last man, had to lend a hand to pin down the short but muscular athlete on a busy road in Mulund. The officers in the team included API Hemant Desai, Rajan Vanmane, Ashok Khot, Suresh Patil and Surendra Pol. Investigations under Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Shridhar Vagal reveal that the karate champ spearheaded an elaborate network of robbers. What initiated a committed martial arts exponent into the world of crime is as yet unclear, but the police surmise that some shady friends may have lured David into such activity by the prospect of easy money.

David, 32, is said to have trained under the tutelage of karate exponent sensei Hasan Mohammed in Mulund. He obtained his black belt after performing at Malaysia in 1991, and subsequently won an open tournament at Singapore the following year. David who was known for his proficiency in the Shorin-ryu Seibukan style, later co-founded the Black Belt Martial Art Academy at Gawni Pada in Mulund, and then soon expanded operations to organise classes at Sarvodaya Nagar and Tambe Nagar in the neighbourhood.

At some point through all this, David is said to have come into contact with anti-social elements who sought to profit by using his skills. The police have arrested three of David’s accomplices, but two others have managed to give them the slip. Those arrested have also been charged with attempt to murder and rape, sources said. David now faces charges in connection with demanding Rs 40 lakh from two transporters in Thane district. He has also been named for a few jewellery shop heists. A few more arrest are likely, the police informed.


6/14/2003 12:52pm,
i only read the first one, why did the boy complain about being in an affair?

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6/14/2003 2:06pm,
Seriously Piz! I think he must have been bragging or something.

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6/14/2003 2:13pm,
Yeah really, unless she was ugly...

6/15/2003 10:15am,
hmm well here name is Nutley....

"he reported he’d been having a sexual relationship with her for 18 months."
18 months......

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

6/16/2003 12:24pm,
Woman assaulted, purse stolen in UNMH structure

UNM police responded May 22 to a report of purse snatching at the UNM Hospital parking structure.

The victim, a 69-year-old woman, told police that just as she exited her car in the structure's first level, an unknown male struck her with a "karate chop" to the left side of her neck and shoulder area, the police report states.

The woman then fell to the pavement and the male took her purse, according to the report. She declined medical treatment. After searching the area and reviewing the surveillance tape, police could not find the stolen purse or the assailant, who the woman could only describe by his clothing, the report states.


Palm Strike
6/20/2003 11:26am,
There were some good articles here, and some bad ones: question- in the article about teachers in Britain, there was only one mention of martial arts, it didn't mention the style, and nothing came of the threat. In that last article... he used a 'karate chop?' Please. The guy hacked at her neck with an open fist and she calls it a 'Karate chop?' Anyone who has taken Karate and tried to use that in a fight will know it's one of the most pointless attacks invented, since one only has to tuck their head in, or block.

6/20/2003 1:21pm,
The guy hacked at her neck with an open fist and she calls it a 'Karate chop?' Anyone who has taken Karate and tried to use that in a fight will know it's one of the most pointless attacks invented, since one only has to tuck their head in, or block.

Yes, with a lack of functional principles, such a static movement and strike will fail. Undoubtedly. However, with a forward drive and deep penetration, it does not matter if your initial target becomes obscured, as you miss the vagus nerve, the strike is then redirected, sliding over the shoulder defense, to the temple of the attacker and you will essentially receive the same results. Whether they have a blocking hand up there or not. Actually, it's better if they do, it not only blocks their field of vision, you can relay force through compression mechanics and because they have their arm up, it throws their dynamics into chaos causing a major disruption in the attackers balance.

As an aside, I prefer to strike the aforementioned target/s with my forearm rather than my hand, more kinetic power and damage that will have a greater possibility of dropping my attacker.

This is the problem with keeping movements and principles within the context or restrictions of a style. Without examining the scientific principles of a movement, you will never progress beyond the superficiality of a technique.