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7/28/2005 12:51pm,
LINK (http://www.pankration.freesurf.fr/iupad/)

This Pankration organisation runs an affiliated club near Heathrow in London claiming to teach MMA and RBSD. As you can see from the pictures on their site, a lot of the techniques bear more resemblance to TMA than genuine modern MMA. My question is; when does MMA become McMMA?

If all the instructors come from a TMA background, and the club never enters MMA competitions, how legitimate is it for them to call themselves MMA? How do we regulate this area. It is my belief that such clubs are a danger to students who believe they are getting genuine MMA and RBSD.

Below is a list of UK instructors, some of whom are prominent TMAers in the UK, and a link to the main site.

LINK (http://www.pankrationacademy.com/uk_instructors.htm)

7/28/2005 1:41pm,
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