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3/22/2003 4:55pm,
My friends 90lb pit bull got loose this morning, so I went chasing after him. He's a big **** with yellow eyes and red nose. Looks mean as all Hell. In reality, he's as gentle as a lamb. I would trust my toddler around him, he's very very sweet. A lapdog, if he wasn't soo big.

Anyways, he gets out, I chase him, he's running back and forth down the block with another pitbull who's fenced in. He comes running down and I prepare to grab him. I didn't take into consideration that 90lbs of dog at full speed would knock me down. I get knocked down, on arm under his right leg and the other around the back of his neck. He's on top of me, and next thing you know, I got my right leg over him about to put him into a closed guard. LOL, the little bastard stopped moving, he couldn't get out! I wish it was filmed, probably the funniest thing to happen to me in a long time.

3/22/2003 5:05pm,
BAH I learned the DOG GAURD long ago. There was a book that came out in the 50s or so called 'Self taught Jiu-Jiutsu' There was a chapter about fighting dogs and showed putting them in Dojojime (aka the gaurd)

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3/22/2003 5:09pm,
LUcky sonofabitch
reminds me of something that happened to me the other day. I was going down town with a friend and I see a doberman with a chain collar. Being the big clever guy I am I thought it was chained to the lamp post, I get beside it, stroke it and go on my way. It turns round quick, looks surprised and makes a low noise. My friend then yells what a fucking idiot I was. Guess I was lucky it didn't go for me, must have been one of those rare nice dobermans

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3/22/2003 5:34pm,
lol - the guard can be used for many things...was a good move on your part...

Deadpan Scientist
3/22/2003 5:46pm,
You let a dog take you missionary style, and you post about it here.... Nice job, BJJ rocks!

3/22/2003 5:49pm,
hahahahahaha, yeah, well it's more action than you get!

Deadpan Scientist
3/22/2003 6:04pm,
hahahaha, At least I try to stick to my own species...


3/22/2003 6:20pm,
hahahahahaha, Okay,so you get no play then?

3/22/2003 9:10pm,
rofl me thinks a banning is in order for SanSoo.

3/22/2003 9:42pm,
There's nothing wrong with dobermans. There's basically nothing wrong with any dog, as long as they are raised to act properly in a human environment.

3/22/2003 9:44pm,
Once in Jr. High School a huge German Shepherd spotted me after cross-country practice in the parking lot. The owner said "don't run!" but the dog said, "You better run punk!" .. so I took off!

I cleared the hood of a Toyota and then jumped up onto the roof of my Dad's car. Lucky I was a spry little fellow or I would have been lunch. It was a big dog.