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Jay Zarella
7/24/2005 10:05pm,

im laughing so hard all i can say is


7/24/2005 10:17pm,
They're going for the secret agent look I see...

7/24/2005 10:17pm,
That better be a joke.

Poop Loops
7/24/2005 10:17pm,
I swear to God that "Akida" somehow comes from "Ashida Kim"


7/24/2005 10:17pm,
That is some odd ****, right there.

At least there's no contract.

7/24/2005 10:22pm,
Nightbreed cannot be compared to any Martial Arts or even a Self Defense System. The seriousness - intensity and brilliance of the academy training puts Coals Nightbreed Fight System in a Classification of its own

Editor of Ohio Martial Arts Magazine
Ed Hendricks

Those this magazine even exist?

Poop Loops
7/24/2005 10:27pm,
Make sure to watch the "sparring" clip with 3 stooges sound effects.


7/24/2005 10:39pm,
I was looking through the clips on the site. Some of the moves I saw were perfectly reasonable (though, if those are the best demos you have you must be hurting for experts). Then I saw something amusing. In the "Trading Punches" video, which from what I can tell is just some guydoing a verticle cover and getting punched where he is covering, shows the bruise on his arm. The bruise is supposed to look nice and impressive but my eye wondered a few inches to what looked like track marks on the inside of his arm.

Either the video is grainy, the guy is a diabetic, or the nightbreed system attracts those who have a taste for heroine.

7/24/2005 10:46pm,
That was just JKD concepts stuff with funny sound affects.

Jay Zarella
7/24/2005 10:56pm,
If you can get a punch through his defense you get $50,000

check it out http://www.combatexpert.com/2005site/popup%20pictures.html

if you scroll down to the end you'll also notice he has a "nightbreed" truck and it says "combat expert" dont know about you guys but im impressed.

7/24/2005 11:01pm,
Signs of the Addiction
by Commander Coal Akida:

When you start building your own wing chun dummy in your basement.

By the way, JKDChick, you're wrong - it's not JKD at all! ;)

When you deem all your previous training in Jeet Kune Do as completely worthless, the list is to long to mention..

Darting Fingers
7/24/2005 11:12pm,
I wanna learn a "Tactical Flip"

That **** is dope!!!!

Jay Zarella
7/24/2005 11:33pm,
I wanna learn a "Tactical Flip"

That **** is dope!!!! You can only learn it from him because he's copyrighted it and a dozen other BS stuff!

This guys a wack job all the way

7/24/2005 11:36pm,
Missed the best bit.

Keep in mind that the Ground Fighting System developed at Nightbreed is completely the oposite of what the Gracies Jui Jit Su would teach you to do, are moves are based on a much more advanced series of combat skills developed at Nightbreed.

Jay Zarella
7/24/2005 11:50pm,
Coal's training methods are extremely intense, but safe - a musician like myself, a surgeon, or anyone can safely train in the Nightbreed system.

The one-on-one training with Coal, being exposed to the drills he has developed, and observing and experiencing his command of the Combat Skills at Nightbreed is unforgettable experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to, and is prepared to become a better fighter than they ever dreamed.

First Chair Oboe Player ( Cleveland Orchestra )
Jeff Rathburn

this testimony alone should be able to convince anyone

Jay Zarella
7/24/2005 11:58pm,
http://www.combatexpert.com/2005site/Arsenal.htm scoll down to the end where he says (Yeah I know, I used a smiley get the **** over it.) sound familiar?

the best has to be the nightbreed combat truck