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3/19/2003 8:46am,
I was just thinking about this the other day. What about the belt as an impromptu weapon? It would be quick to deploy. You could use it to temporarily control range. A quick snap towards the face could create an opening for you to take advantage of. The business end, with the buckle, would probably hurt bad if you got hit with it. If you could access it while grappling you could choke someone with it.

What do you think of the possibilities?

Sweep The Leg, Johnny
3/19/2003 9:24am,
check out Jet Li in Fist Of Legend. I'm sure he got most of those techniques from chain whip training (i'm not exactly sure what this kung fu weapon is called)

Sweep The Leg, Johnny
3/19/2003 9:42am,
not to mention that you're wearing a belt for a reason. have fun fighting with your pants around your ankles! <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

3/19/2003 10:10am,
I think he has been watching too many Jet Li movies..... In the movies, everything works! In real life you're fukked!!

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Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 10:36am,
The belt is a great weapon. If you double it over so that the buckle and tip are on the impact end, it should be a convenient length to use. Use striking motions like ridge hand and knife hand to great effect. A belt can tear it up.

Or, y'all kin do like my Paw used ta, n jes go ax 'em ta cut chu a switch from tha switch bush. Yeee Haaaw!

3/19/2003 10:37am,
Actually, I don't watch any Jet Li movies. That's a whole different topic though. I asked because I was curious and now I've got my answer. It's probably not a good idea. That's why I like this forum.

Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 10:50am,
It's a standard Hapkido weapon. I guarantee you, if I clocked you with my belt, it would not be like getting a spanking, it would be like getting your face hit by a lawn mower.

3/19/2003 11:00am,
"It's a standard Hapkido weapon. I guarantee you, if I clocked you with my belt, it would not be like getting a spanking, it would be like getting your face hit by a lawn mower."

that means ****, i agree with osiris, if you have time to take it off and fight with your pants falling down, have fun.

Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 11:12am,
Yeah, it's not a defensive weapon. It's a weapon of aggression. My pants may be loose, but I'm not saggin' G-style.

3/19/2003 11:14am,
Come on have none of yall ever seen pootie tang?

He takes his belt off in a matter of a second.

If you wore tight fitting pants and wore a belt for style which most people do....

Then when you see a confrontation coming on start unbuckling your belt, then you can oil the leather on it so it slides out easier then once you have done that you can practice your draw.

You don't draw a sword in a blink of an eye the first time you try it do you?

Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 11:30am,
It's not as if you are going to see a punch coming and whooosh! belt your attacker. It's like Carbon stated "when you see a confrontation coming on start unbuckling your belt." Not every fight is a surprise.

Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 11:47am,
Could be that it works that way. Could be that you are confronted by several people or a person with a weapon at the ready. It's nice to have a weapon (such as a belt) in this scenario. You don't have to practice it or use it, but why throw away a perfectly good weapon?

Sweep The Leg, Johnny
3/19/2003 12:39pm,
good idea! the self-defense belt. quick-release buckle, slippery leather, and weighted ends. market it with a seminar on quick drawing.

hey it worked for the kubaton <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

3/19/2003 12:45pm,
I hitchhiked in Mexico with a local who had an "armed" belt buckle. When we were confronted by a gang he had his hand on it, but talked his way out before using it.

A fellow in front of me at the airport passed through with a big "red neck" buckle. He and I laughed at the lack of weapon knowledge in the security crew. He knew it was a weapon. True, if someone jumps you it would be hard to use, but I've been in a few street self-defense situations (not enuf time used to call it a fight) and yelling and posturing preceded attacks.

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I Give BJJs
3/19/2003 12:49pm,
you can grab someone else's belt to control their hips better.

hmmmm.....now what could possibly teach you how to do that?

Fighty McGee
3/19/2003 2:08pm,
IGBBJs, if it were a situation in which I were able to/compelled to use my belt to fight with, it would not be a grappling situation.

Addition: And yes, if I were throwing or grappling on the ground, I would definitely use the other person's belt against them.

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