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7/07/2005 2:46am,
Ok In about a few years time I'll (hopefully) get a black belt from the U.S Eastern Wado-Ryu Federation along with a certificate .......pLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE TELL ME ITs NOT ANOTHER BULLSHIDO CERTIFICATE BUT A WORTHY ONE.

7/07/2005 2:50am,
My money is on it being crap, but tell us how you train first.

7/07/2005 3:26am,
Well we mostly tire ourself out by doing punches kicks elbowstikes and such in the air putting emphasis on hip and body turn .We rely mostly on our body's momemtum and speed for power.Evasion technique is a must in our style and we always practice bobbing weaving shifting etc. After like getting the brown belt Sensei relaxes most of the traditional aspects of the traning and tells us to do whats practical such as finding someone for full contact (usually wearing kempo gloves).I'd say my style closely resembles kickboxing alot.we borrowed kicks from taekwando.Training for me is around 3 hrs everyday .We dont do much weightlifting just pushups situps and other dynamic and isometric strength building technique including handstands and pushups in handstand.Sparring is a must for everyone after yellow belt.

7/07/2005 3:56am,
So you guys fight full contact, not point sparring? Are strikes to the head allowed?

7/07/2005 4:11am,
Well the decision to do full contact is on oneself .I chose fullcontact.For punches to the head we wear headgear and masks.By the way I think mabe the Sensei is letting us defy the federation rules by letting us fight fullcontact.We have almost no groundwork but punches and grabs for clinch and upclose fighting are practiced.

7/07/2005 4:26am,
By the way I pratically HATE non-contact fights.Once lost to this guy who was doing powder puff punches in a tournament ......I made the evolution right after that incident.

7/07/2005 4:40am,
face cages are for fags, but its full contact so it gets a big THUMBS UP from me

7/07/2005 4:54am,
Come now who wants to get a face scar from a white belt while catching a glimse of the blonde bomshell in the corner during a fight .I'll take my mask off when I enter the UFC or K1.By theway our style does not promote full contact , only a few of us just choose to do it.

7/07/2005 4:55am,
Oh yea I'm a big Fan of "FATAL FURY" too IKKEN.

7/07/2005 12:45pm,
My boyfriend studied wado ryu as a teensy little kid. Well, he was never very teensy, but you know what I mean.

Punching and kicking in the air sucks. Hopefully you spar more often than not.

7/07/2005 3:59pm,
do you actually do any padwork? honestly if you are in it for the full contact go find a kickboxing school you will learn a lot more a lot faster

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7/07/2005 6:26pm,
EMO MY FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/07/2005 9:46pm,
Yea Ikken we do padwork every class along with sparring but i need to get meself a heavy bag for some serious hitting . I would join a kickboxing dojo if there was one but hell no I've to settle for this.....by the way Beka did you get dumped by your boyfriend ........I think its OK to put up a Avatar like that if somnthing like that happened ;) What did your teensy friend think of Wado-ryu.