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7/05/2005 5:20pm,
Supreme Ultimate Grand Master Bater, 30th Degree Black Belt in themartial art he, in his incredible wisdom, developed and perfected to its fullest potential as the Ultimate Fighting Art. Ai-Ju-Kara-Keito-Jiyu-Jitsu-Do is awesome and heart stopping, not only in trying to pronounce, but in its deadliness on the dance floor.

Supreme Ultimate grand Master Bater has never met anyone in the martial arts who impresses him as much whth their skills as he impresses himself with his. He often says, very humbly, "I have never met anyone as magnificent as myself".

Supreme Ultimate Grand Master Bater is noted for his humility, never referring to himself by his proper title, but preferring to be addressed only as Master Bater. (Please remember to remain on you knees while addressing him, though. Also be sure to keep your eyes on the floor, and whimper occasionally. An occasional tremble is appropriate. Groveling is expected.)

The name of this incredible art comes from the following:

Ai Harmony, harmonious way
Ju Soft
Kara Empty
Keito Chicken head
Jiyu Freestyle
Jitsu Fighting art, or system
Do Way of

The Way of the Harmonious, Soft, Empty Chicken Head, Freeestyle Fighting System.

Or, stated less formally, in more common English:

The art which harmoniously integrates the subtleties of a soft, empty headed chicken, into a freestyle fighting system. Awsome Stuff!!!!

The opponents who have the misfortune to engage this style are CLUCKed:

Closed upon by the Master
Lured into the trap
Unable to comprehend the immensity of what is about to happen
Completely helpless as they laugh hysterically at the techniques used against them
Kindly spared the horrible fate of laughing to death by passing out from lack of oxygen

7/05/2005 6:22pm,
I have failed to laugh.

7/05/2005 6:23pm,
what a ***** he doesnt even know Tae Bo ...

and shouldnt this be in Trollshido or the Empty Hand Short Hand forum ?

7/05/2005 6:24pm,
Who the **** are you?

7/05/2005 6:25pm,
SHEH forum is Trollshido.

7/05/2005 6:50pm,
You Lose


Painful Delight
7/05/2005 8:42pm,
Sometimes I think I'm the only one who actually READ the newbie FAQ

Robot Jesus
7/05/2005 11:55pm,
lol !!!1111!!!!!!!