View Full Version : Snow White and the 7 Kung-Fu Monks

7/05/2005 2:23pm,
It's a new disney film!!!


The Wicked Queen will not know what hit her. Snow White is about to be transformed into a martial arts epic with Shaolin monks replacing the seven dwarves of the original Grimm Brothers fairytale.
In a sign of the times, Walt Disney is behind the kung fu retelling of its 1937 animated classic, which is part of an intensifying strategy to make inroads into the Chinese cinema market ahead of Hollywood rivals.

To be shot in China later this year. This will be fun :)

7/05/2005 9:54pm,
hmm, i can see that movie being really really bad

7/05/2005 9:56pm,
this is...real?

7/05/2005 10:01pm,
now I have another reason to despise disney

7/06/2005 12:10am,
:qright6: Way to rape the source material, Eisner.

7/06/2005 12:59am,
Woah, I just had 2 horribly different feelings at the same time:

1) I'm going to hate this.
2) Why the hell didn't I think of it?

Seriously, I can't tell if I love this idea or hate it.

7/06/2005 1:10am,
If you can't recognise this is easily the best idea in the history of Hollywood, then you're obviously an idiot.

7/06/2005 2:21am,
Bambi: King of Deerboxers

king of seals
7/06/2005 2:45am,
For Goddess' sake, make the Little Mermaid a Submission Grappler.

7/06/2005 4:58am,
*Cheap shot* Phil Elmore as Cinderella. :zicon_dwa