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6/28/2005 1:01pm,
Well, our good PB buddy Dan Webre is telling more N.O. war stories. this one involves a sportfighter who frequents "another forum" (Other than PB) and gets a lesson in "t3h st33t" at a bar. The obvious implication is that it was one of us. If anyone would like to corroborate or refute, I think that would kick ass!


God, he's funny.

6/28/2005 1:21pm,
I'm not even gonna bother to register over there, would you mind posting it here? Thanks

6/28/2005 1:22pm,
Post his post. Many of us have been banned.

Maestro Nobones
6/28/2005 1:27pm,
for real, I'm not registering over there.

WingChun Lawyer
6/28/2005 1:30pm,
Post it, damn you. I am throughly and definetely banned over there.

Ray Nelson
6/28/2005 1:33pm,
Dan's Post:

I was contacted by a recent member of this forum, who wanted to meet while on vacation here. I happily gave them a place and a round about time to meet me.
I guess he was so excited to meet me, he decided to bring a couple of buddies.
I never would have been able tp pick them out , as they blended right in.

Not really, the shaved head, steroid musclehead look didnt quite match the atmosphere I had picked out. Wasnt thinking, sorry......

By the way , that was a great pedicure. Looked sharp with those sandals. I wouldnt really reccomend them for clubs though........

I feel kind of rude in a way, that may have impressed the younger college freshman , or high school seniors with fake I.D's, at another venue.

Didnt go over well where we met.. I want to apologize for the horrible way you guys were treated..

I couldnt believe it myself when that woman flashed her breasts and while you were looking, I can only assume that was her jealous boyfriend that hit the big one with a bottle. He looked quite healthy and strong. Its a shame he fell so quickly.

I know he had lots of ground experience, so I am sure he was able to stop what looked like a small group stomping.

I also wanted to say sorry for not even introducing myself. I got scared when the **** hit the fan and ran out.. Why do you think I sprayed the O.C? .....I really hope it didnt get you by accident. (that was me)

I was so concerned I even checked back later..........Nobody would talk though.
I did hear later that night that some kids got severely beaten , but it couldnt have been you guys.. You guys train in a ring with real resistance and even full contact.

Those strreet guys dont train at all. The one with the bottle that dropped the first of you, was short and fat..... for god sakes. Plus he smokes like a chimney. We all know only athletes can fight. I bet you showed him a thing or two later.

I'm sure you guys did just fine..........I do wonder where you are though. Havent seen you post in the usual spots, since we almost met.

I have been looking forward to the posts of your vacation. Those beads around your neck shows you had some fun..

Who would have thought, non sport trained guys would decide to choke the other one out on his feet with Mardi Gras beads from behind. Not me, thats for sure.

I justed wanted to say sorry publicly, since we didnt even get to say hi.

If your still in town Im going back tonight. Im sure you guys put everyone in place after I left. Now when you walk in with your arms spread wide like a mall security guard, I am more then sure you will clean the place out.

So to my new buds, "Welcome to New Orleans"

6/28/2005 1:39pm,
What a loser.

6/28/2005 1:43pm,
He is obviously trying to sound as if one of us went there and got thumped but I think its a lie, much like other things he spoke. IF this really happened why doesn't he post the name or screenname of the pple involved. Oh thats right he's generally FOS.

Maestro Nobones
6/28/2005 1:43pm,
Oh man, that's hilarious.

WingChun Lawyer
6/28/2005 1:44pm,
Amazing. I am speechless.

Ted Deadly
6/28/2005 1:44pm,
" I got scared when the **** hit the fan and ran out."

So, 'filthy jailhouse tactics'=getting scared and running away? ****, I'm the fucking jailhouse master! I can get scared faster than any of you mofos! :llorar:

6/28/2005 1:47pm,
Would one of the mods kindly move this over to the BBC? There are some specific holes that can be punched in this guy's story, and I'd like to discuss them in private before we pursue this any further.

6/28/2005 1:48pm,
He kept his head though, he did 'spray the O C' whatever that means.

6/28/2005 1:48pm,
I can confirm that Dan DOES meet people who contact him online and all the posters at www.manpussy.org can back me up.

6/28/2005 2:00pm,
I'm copying it, RP. The newbies deserve the laugh too.

6/28/2005 2:07pm,
this is what I get for going to lunch