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6/12/2005 11:08am,

OK, I did a search of the boards and I don't think anyone's posted/made fun of this site yet. How could you overlook it?!

Some odd things on the site:

-"NEW" Chi Power Magnets!

"Yes, you can make your body much more bioelectrically conductive by simply using these incredibly powerful magnets. How does it work? The scientific research (you mean you actually got scientists to research something like this???) indicates that strong magnetic fields can positively change the properties of water molecules giving them a type of "Living liquid energy". The human blood is 90% water and is filled with a variety of electro-conductive minerals (copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, manganese, iron, etc).
This is exactly how bioelectricity or Chi is generated within your body. When you expose the major Chi meridians of the palms and feet to a powerful Yin magnetic field, the water molecule (H2O) is re-arranged allowing your body to efficiently break down these electro-conductive minerals freeing them to conduct ions throughout the energy pathways of your body. Almost everyone knows that waving a magnet over a wire creates an electric current. This is exactly how all electric generators work. They simply spin powerful magnets around coils of copper wire.
Now, consider that your blood is constantly moving and circulating throughout your body. When the electro-conductive minerals in your blood stream pass over a specific yet powerful magnetic field through the constant pumping action of your heart, wouldn't this obviously generate a mild bioelectric current resulting in an increase in your Chi-strength?"
(as a chemistry/biology major, it hurts my head to read things like this)

"It's like putting your chi on steroids except there are only positive health benefits!" (I dunno, is there really such a thing as 'positive health benefits' after brain death?)

"As a matter of fact, some of the most famous Chi Gong and Internal Martial Artists are hopping mad that we let this cat out of the bag!" (no I'm sure they will find new and exciting ways to seperate the students from their money)

-"NEW" Dim Mak Pressure Points : learn the most lethal methods of striking to select targets (you mean to tell me they found BRAND NEW pressure points that don't work!?)

I could continue quoting the nonsense all day long. Literally, this site is chock full of good humor on every page. Instead I'll just post my general feelings and let everyone else have at it. Firstly, without getting into the debate about whether qi/ki/mana/prana etc really exists and whether or not that might possibly have anything to do with fighting, I'd like to say that this site is very geared towards the western mindset of MORE! FASTER! SOONER! As a site that claims to sell ancient eastern techniqes that are coveted by every great chi gong ninja kuntao zen meditation master, this psychology is highly suspect (and probably a common factor in many bullshido advertisments). Secondly, I find it interesting that they actually mention self hypnosis on the site as that would seem to me to be the only way that ANYONE could believe this stuff was working (ie. "I can repel attackers from 15 to 20 feet away" - on the testimonials page).

anyways, it's a funny site and i thought this would make a good first post
have at it

Lights Out
6/12/2005 11:21am,
Man, that site has one of the crappiest designs of all time. The "stars-on-black-sky" background is so 13 years old.

6/12/2005 11:43am,
If you dig around, you'll find a link to their OTHER site: www.advancedmindpower.com

This ones even better:)

6/12/2005 12:50pm,
That really is pretty sweet. Hard to believe that it has not been ripped before..