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6/06/2005 11:47pm,
I often get berated for kicking eversince I switched from WTF TKD to sanshou. It was only recently that my coach spotted my mistakes. The thing is that I find in TKD, the kicks are launch off using the contraction of our butt muscle and in kickboxing, we use the thigh muscle more to launch the kicks.

I went home thinking about it after training, wondering why. Then I realise, in WTF TKD, we lean back when we kick for further reach and to reduce the chance of being kicked in the chest, also punching is almost negligible. While in kickboxing, we have to keep a more upright position to ensure that we can throw a punch combo after a kick. So the way we fight really depends on the rules of the game.

The thing I like to know if it is true, about which muscle parts are being used to execute the kicks.

A. Is the butt muscle used more to execute kicks in TKD?
B. Is the thigh muscle used more in kickboxing for kicking roundhouse kicks and side kicks?