View Full Version : Are these twinlab products any good?

Gringo Grande
6/05/2005 2:06pm,
I have no experience with twinlab products so I figured I'd ask. The guy who owns this company is a buddy of mine and I can get the stuff cheap as hell for personal use...but I don't want to use it if it is crap. Thanks. Gringo Grande.


6/05/2005 4:33pm,
Whey protein is whey protein. Those products all do the same damned thing except a few have AKG in them (No2's active ingredient.) Do yourself a favour, get some cheaper Whey, I use ON's 5b container. Has the same stuff aside from the AKG and it's cheaper. As for the Super Mass mega ultra XTREME anal exploding muscle gain formulaeic (tripthong weeee!) title bullshit, those products are nothing special. If you want the No2, get some Nox2 in pill form. 30$ for a month's worth and you'll know you're actually getting a good dose of it instead of some nebulous amount mixed in to a supplement powder. All protein powders contain a bit of glutamine. Go buy the glutamine powder on it's own and it'll last you forever and you'll be getting a better and clean dosage.

6/05/2005 6:09pm,
Damn I didn't realize that they even made Gainer's Fuel anymore. With TL products, be sure that the amount of special-hard-core-super-elite-wonderful supplement that is in a product is at a minimum therapeutic dose. Most of the time, with TL products, it isn't even close to that level..."fairy dust" is what I think they call it.

Can Opener
6/06/2005 12:35pm,
I've been under contract with the largest name in the suppliment biz for years and won't even touch our brand.

Twin Labs is one of the few companies who actually give you what it says on the label (Muscle Media 2000 a few years ago had an entire issue dedicated to actual compositions compared to claims and found Twin Labs right on the money).

The quality of the ingredients also appears to be of a higher grade than most (no plaster or stool hardeners) but if you are expecting magic in any of those containers you are definitely going to be disappointed.

Gringo Grande
6/06/2005 2:44pm,
Nope...just figured if I could get cheap whey protein and there wasn't anything wrong with it that I'd knock myself out...besides...I'm big enough as it is...not that I'm huge/ripped or anything.

Gringo Grande

6/07/2005 6:13am,
Twinlab has had a good rep for a while... if you can get them cheaper than other stuff then use them... (personally I use bulk whey and micellar caseinate 5 kg of each for around 75)... mmmmm protein supps....