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5/30/2005 6:03pm,
I used to feel like they were a pretty well-respected source of martial arts knowledge. A few days ago, I was looking through the racks at my local bookstore when I came across the issue with Jerry Beasley on the cover. There is some interesting stuff in the mag that seems to be written by some qualified martial artists. But after reading to the article by Terry L. Wilson entitled "Secret Bunkai: Unveiling Shorin Ryu Karate's Hidden Moves", I had to ask myself if BBM so badly needs material to print, that it will put any wacked out, physically untenable explanation to time-honored traditional form application to sell mags.

The proponent of the "scary" "Secret Bunkai" is a guy named Mike Hancock. In the article, he purports to have gleaned information on the application of cornerstone forms in the Shorin Ryu system like Pinan yondan, Ananku and Naihanchi from his instructor, Fusei Kise. It looks like; however, the only information Mr. Hancock has been concentrating on for the last several years has been new flavors at Dunkin' Donuts. It was kind of funny to me, after doing only a small amount of research, that Mr. Hancock is not even acknowledged as a black belt on the website attributed Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate. But forget about that for a minute.

What got me all jacked up was a line in the article where it said that Mr. Hancock teaches the scary hidden techniques only after he has deemed a student ready to learn them. His scary applications using "single bone" and "double bone" blocking and "lethal" fingertip striking, wreaked of the disease that suggests his students are ready for knowledge only after they've bought into, figuratively and literally, his bullshido. Don't take my word for it. Get the mag, it's worth a laugh.

5/30/2005 6:18pm,
i used to buy bbm before but i realized that there was just to much
people profiling themselves in the magazines instead of sharing knowledge.
thats my main problem.many articles look more like ad`s for a certain style or master, where the main object is to glorify themself . luckily i found fighter magazine (swedish) and that is miles ahead of any other ma magazine
i have picked up so far

sorry i didnt actually answer your question .i dont know
about background checks but i think its about money
providing articles for several different fanbases (i lack a better word)
people want this stuff so it sells.just look at there ads there the chessiest i have ever seen.still it wouldnt surprise me if they sold space for people who wanted to
profile themselves and afterward say that they had been written about in bbm

5/30/2005 6:32pm,
I tend to read anything in BBM that isn't written by an actual journalist to be a paid ad for the martial artist who wrote it.

5/30/2005 6:37pm,
Wait, is this the same issue that has secrets of Bruce Lee's training as told by a former student :)

5/30/2005 6:40pm,
yep me too cullion and that makes for about 5 pages per magazine

5/30/2005 6:52pm,
BBM is full of ****, we have a few old copies in our school library, I flip through them for laughs and for the little sambo stuff thats in there.

5/30/2005 7:39pm,
do you guys know of any good martial arts magazines, in america?
the only ones i see are black belt, and kung fu magazine. both of those magazines usually suck.

Wounded Ronin
5/30/2005 8:16pm,
I think BBM has been a joke for a while now. :911flag:

5/30/2005 8:25pm,
there is a english mag thats called combat
when i read it some years ago it seemed quite good
i dont know if you can get it in america tho
or if it is any good these days

5/30/2005 8:57pm,
do you guys know of any good martial arts magazines, in america?

Why do you want any magazine ?

Its all available for free on the net.

Sam Browning
5/30/2005 8:57pm,
Short answer is no, remember Black Belt Magazine 'broke' the Frank Dux story giving him his first credibility in the martial arts community.

5/30/2005 9:01pm,
I read BBM as well as Kung Fu/Tai chi and sometimes Inside Kung Fu, but I look at them as trashy gossip mags most of the time, rather than literary reasources. It's kind of like non-martial artists read Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine, but with more ass-kicking.

I think Tai Chi (by Wayfarer productions) is pretty solid, although about a third of each issue is their sales catalogue. Journal of Asian Martial arts also has some good stuff most of the time. They seem like the most reliable as far as scholarly content is concerned (well documented sources, etc.). Pricey though.

5/30/2005 9:17pm,
The only semi-scholarly martial arts magazine I've run into so far is the "Journal of Asian Martial Arts" http://www.goviamedia.com/

The articles seem to give time to both TMA's and MMA and the articles are peer reviewed, so a little less crap makes it through.

They're a little expensive, but I've found it to be a good read.

5/30/2005 9:33pm,
good martial arts magazine?
I heard the full contact fighter mags kick ass
I plan on getting a subscription soon

5/30/2005 11:01pm,
If you guys are looking for a good online publication, I recommend The Martialist

Poop Loops
5/30/2005 11:05pm,
It's funny, if a n00b had said that, he would get flamed.