View Full Version : Body mass question

Toby Christensen
5/28/2005 10:51am,
I have resumed powerlifting and am doing calisthenics every second day. Maybe it's my genetics, but ever since I started eating and drinking more (especially more beer :toothy9: I have found that I am basically the same shape and width even though I'm 15 kilos heavier and quite a bit stronger.

Whaddya think?

5/28/2005 3:48pm,
Probably muscle taking the place of fat. Pretty common.

5/28/2005 4:58pm,
Muscle weighs more than fat, so that makes sense right?

6/02/2005 11:15pm,
Take the before and after shots Body-for-life style and I don't think you'll see two identical pictures. Similar maybe, but not identical.

6/03/2005 12:25am,
I would advise you to increase the rounds of headbutting the heavy bag you do with more intensity so you don't gas in the ring.

6/03/2005 3:24am,
They said it... muscle replacing fat etc...

6/03/2005 1:52pm,
Beer weighs more than fat.