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5/24/2005 11:51pm,
I am always amazed at the people who just do not get it.The main reason I respect Bruce Lee is that he got it.He didnt think that if you studied a Japanese Style,you then have to behave as the japanese,and live as a 18th century Ninja in the suberbs of some American town.Ive seen it happen in many styles.
Karate,Tae Kwon Do,KungFu.Even in MMA,you see too many people train their lives away.I always felt it strange that an American gyms are called Dojo,Dojang,Kwoon,Temple.In may opinion the American Fighting Artist should take what they need and disguard the time killing BS.Why study sword arts in the Big city where your mugger will have a 9mm.Seems a waste that to learn how to break boards<guilty,and I have the arthritus to prove it.>while that time could be spent learning how to defend yourself in realistic situations geared for the area you live in.I no longer train barefoot,If I am conditioning I wear sneakers,I either wear boots or sneakars for self defense.I think that you honer the past, accept the now and look to the future.I study the Fighting Arts to enrich my life not rule it.If you know anyone WHO WILLNEVER go to Asia counting out pushups in JAPANESE OR KOREAN,or walking around like the kid in the Last Dragon,tell your story.


Judah Maccabee
5/25/2005 12:08am,
Why study sword arts in the Big city where your mugger will have a 9mm.


Au contraire, mon frere.

Even a French chef must look out for swords:


5/25/2005 12:41am,
Thats funny I just read that.My dad had a pizza place in a rough part of philly for many years.H e always had a gun on him,If you came behind the counter,or pulled a knife,you would be sent to your maker.After my Dad was too old<wise>to try to fight,he figured he could still pull a trigger pretty quick. Anyone who wants to kill you and catches you unguarded will do just that.Answer-Always be on guard in public.I found that out after my Sensei,many years ago jumped out of a tree onto my head and kidnapped me in a parking lot.

5/25/2005 12:45am,
Why study sword arts in the Big city where your mugger will have a 9mm

When the Y2k virus finally hits and technology goes to ****, we'll be poised to take over the fucking world!

5/25/2005 1:01am,
Why take sword arts? Because they're practical. Duh. I don't know about you, but I find walking around with a 5 foot no dachi very inconspicuous.

5/25/2005 1:02am,
If the World were to end, I belive I would want to have learned how to survive.I think I would be grateful for the fact thst insted of doing Iron Palm And breaking Ice blocks,or sewing all these cool badges on my Gi,or finding spots to put my point sparring trophies,I would be glad I learned how to hunt, survive and stay in decent shape<for an old man>.Making a bow and arrow from scratch might impress me more than a jump spinning backflip kick.

5/25/2005 1:22am,
Most people who take sword arts probably do it for the cultural or historical value.

I did know someone who took fencing in highschool to avoid doing P.E. though.

5/25/2005 1:25am,
I have no problem studying any art you want as long as you can keep a proper perspective.My first school had and still has Ninja in its name.Do I dress like a Ninja and wear Tabi socks?No.My instructor was a Vietnam Vet and a back alley fighter.Did he walk around wearing Camo gi?No.He taught me that being aware of my surroundings and learning as much as I could would help me to learn how to protect myself and my family.At the time I figured one way to protect my family was to,insted of spending all my time fighting,was to learn how to be a Locksmith and security tech.I love to fight but I love and want to protect my family more.

5/25/2005 1:35am,
Well... in every school and whatnot that I've been to I've always used English words. I never call a place a "dojo", I don't use the word "sensei", hell... I even have a problem calling people by their nicknames in Capoeira.

Oh... I'm seriously considering dressing up as a Ninja and going to various McDojos (or ones I suspect of being a McDojo) and challenging them do a fight. Would it not be a smart idea if I said a fight to the death (past the comedic value).

5/25/2005 2:14am,
I already am an asian (or at least, both of my biological parents are). I've never met anybody whose parents forced them to behave all traditional like that, either, so it's not as if trying to be a MA-asian would actually help you in any way. One of my friends is discovering this the hard way - for all the studying he did of Japan and the Japanese language, he can only relate to other pseudo-asian geeks and has no idea what the average Japanese person is like.

5/25/2005 2:43am,
OH YEAH!You want to make an a-hole out of yourself?Try and use that Dojo Japanese or Dojang Korean to talk to a native Asian.Use your infinant Kung fu to order Chinese food.
Like I said learn and respect History ,other cultures,martial arts,but do not start dressing like a Ninja,carry a sword grocery shopping.If you are a LEO I get the fact that you might have a weapon and a bullit proof vest,a uniform.I had a student <about 16 at the time>decide that he should start wearing a Ninja outfit to class,strapped a sword to his back and came to class.Not only was he an Idiot for trying to be something he was not,but could not figure out what he did wrong.It was a TAEKWON DO SCHOOL.

5/25/2005 2:51am,
Its always an argument about "reality based training." Martial arts to some is not something they fight with, it is something that they hone and perfect over time. To pass the time, to have a hobby, to improve themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally. Just because every martial artist doesn't go around harassing, or bad mouthing other MA's because its not "reality based" (which all the such called systems are mostly crap). Some people see the benefits, and enjoy learning about diffierent cultures. They don't have to be arrogant, and simply put down other cultures because it is different from their own. Some are stupid, obviously, and give in to anyhting thats "mystical" or promises "amazing benefits." But there are people out there who don't claim such things, who are just there to help others. Weaponry in Chinese systems for example, provide a completely different type of training and develops certain skills. I don't know of many men who say "I train in the spear, I can take out a 9mm handgun with it!" If it is taught, and learned right, weapon sparring and training will improve many things when it comes to fighting, and one is manipulation of objects as weapons, and the other is the focus aspect of it (timing, etc.) Some of those guys really do train with the utmost intensity, trying to fool their minds that its a life or death situation. For some, it just a hobby, a way to develop certain learning skills and mindsets. Not everyone is out there to fight their way to the top, or claim that they, and their so called group are superior because of greater fighting skill. If worse comes to worsel, it might save your life. But most MA's are taught never to invite trouble, or mess with a gun. To generalize an entire community because some of them think that they can do this, is just as stupid as the frauds.

While many CMA's live in fantasy world, so do many MMA's who think that all traditionalist (stupid word) think, and act like this. That is something you see in movies, kung fu dudes disarming guys with guns with a stick or something. It is quite stupid to think that every person who trains in traditional arts, follows these ideals. Movies, and legends are for entertainment and sometimes inspiration. I guess the others can just go back to being cynical about everything, and pretend they've got bigger balls. I guess the sole purpose of these guys lives is to be physically superior than others, no matter what, they believe they are right.

5/25/2005 2:52am,
Everytime i eat take out wether it be asian, italian, greek, mexican etc
i always try to submerge myself in the cultural asthetic... but they do say you are what you eat... but frankly im having enough trouble just being me to worry about being someone else

5/25/2005 2:56am,
The appeal of such restraurants, MA schools etc. Is that its different, its foreign, its "exotic. " Even restaurants who are endorsed by larger companies try to make their restaurants book to fit the stereotypes that Americans have. If you went to the actual country, and ate there (at various places, not just some poor village), many would realize it is not as it is portrayed. Mexican food, for example, is nothing like it is in Mexico. And no, I'm not talking about the ghetto "Bull toungue" crap either, I'm talking about just your standard mexican food, not the hardcore little town stuff. Even many MA schools fabricate such an image and atmosphere to convince a person that it is authentic.

5/25/2005 3:18am,
Well... in every school and whatnot that I've been to I've always used English words. I never call a place a "dojo", I don't use the word "sensei", hell... I even have a problem calling people by their nicknames in Capoeira.

Dude. I think I just decided I want to take up Capoera just so I can get a cool handle. :guitar:

5/25/2005 3:19am,
I like your "Styles' Omar. All those are pretty good arts with proper instruction.