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5/22/2005 11:27pm,

When will these dumbass's ever learn?
Wing chun has not released a video showing effective sparring into the general martial arts community so far.
As you guys know, its getting really annoying the answers we are getting..
"Its not the real wing chun!...They are bad Wing chun practitioners!"
Pardon me while i go eat more food because people are stupid.

5/22/2005 11:35pm,
I liked how the first two replies were "OH YEAH, HOW BIG IS YOU" and "UR GAY"

5/22/2005 11:39pm,
I swear, its not going to be long before I'm banned from that forum because of the sheer stupidity that copulates there.

5/23/2005 12:33am,
People just don't want to admit that The-Style-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named is ineffective.

Best post:
So someone post a clip of some decent wing chunb sparring then.

Which brings to mind, there has never been any good clips. Ever,

I aint punchy!?
5/23/2005 5:35am,
ROFL... hasn't this already been put up?

Okay you can say 'its not the real wing chun' but come on be fair Wing Chun is a diverse collection of systems. Just because a massive proportion of practitioners think that rolling punches, long range kicks and no foot work doesn't mean that all Wing Chun people should be tarred with this.

You should know that all of these people break a lot of standard WC axioms (though these might be from other lineages):
1. dont hit the same place twice
2. dont kick above the groin (or knee)
3. balance is everything

As for the somone post a vid of some good sparring then I could say the same for any style that I see on here from TKD to BJJ.

What do you wanna see? People getting bashed as in UFC?

5/23/2005 6:22am,
man all I could think of watching that clip was: leg sweep anyone, if you fight from that close range with such jumpy motions how hard could it be to just sweep him on the ground and get into a good holding position.

5/23/2005 6:29am,
UHM... WTF??? The best fighting I saw there was from the girls, and even the guys fought like girls...

On a brighter note they actually seemed to be hitting each other so it can't be all bad right? :XXphyhsas

5/23/2005 9:27am,
That was fucking disgusting. Did they even try and block? It was like "Man with these gloves we can hit each other and it doesnt hurt cause we have no fucking power LOL".

Yeah that's wing chun in a nutshell. No power generation. No proper foot work. The belief that a straight line punch is so powerful who needs to pivot with hip movement! A push kick for enterance with out forward power is the best idea! YAY.

I would have shot my students and then myself if I was that instructor.

5/23/2005 9:41am,
The quality of the fighting was horrible. But I must point out that at least they were TRYING to go full speed/contact. You can say all you want to about the quality of that contact, but the attempt was being made. It is the fault of the intructor, not the students.

The fact that they were shitty fighters is kind of sad, but their hearts are in the right place. Even if one good right hook would have ruined most of those guys' days.

We must educate, not just ridicule!

(of course ridiculing is kinda fun, too!)

5/23/2005 9:43am,
Like I said when this was first posted, at least they are hitting each other. This is way better than most Wing Chun clips, even if they don't look at all technical.

5/23/2005 9:48am,
I said the same thing last time this was put up, but......

everytime you put headgear like that on someone wo can't fight it always looks the same. those guys just thoght they were doing what they were supposed to.

at least they here hitting each other, I guess that's better than nothing.

5/23/2005 10:02am,
Oh, a mod closed the thread..
I'm just so surprised......

Poop Loops
5/23/2005 1:11pm,
Surprise surprise! The thread is closed. Someone's feelings almost got hurt, so they had to prevent that from happening. They couldn't let someone get hurt in a martial art, now could they?


EDIT: Dammit, I should have read the other replies. :p

5/23/2005 4:22pm,
according to gongfu_fan this it the real wing chun

this has probably been posted before here, but i thought it was relavent. i love how nobody there can come up with a decent arguement for wing chun, so they just call the guy that posted it a gay skinny guy.

great post from the forum:

i didn;t know sing chun looked so much like kickboxing and muay thai

5/23/2005 5:41pm,
Full-face caged helmets almost always result in this type of exchange. You can't do damage to each other, so you completely throw defense out of the window. And since you can't hurt the other guys, you just try to "score" more by hitting him more times than he hits you. It's what my club calls a "Pillow Fight". People just rapidly swing at each other.

The funny thing is some of these guys keep trying to chain punch, but on several occasions someone drops a semi-decent cross into the mix, and it completely upsets the flow of the chain-puncher. You've got to wonder what would really happen if that facemask wasn't there. Would the chain punches actually do damage? Would that right cross drop the other guy?


I aint punchy!?
5/23/2005 6:16pm,
Chain punches thrown en-masse aren't a big threat, but you can see people on UFC do stuff a bit like this -- theres a good one in the knockout collection where some guy throws a lot of punches quite hard without much footwork but with lots of hip twisting and back in the mix and he aint holding the inner-chambered punch close like in WC. You wont get a one-hit knockout but you can force people back, so you want to walk forward to corner them and get some extra punching power with the step.

Chain-punches like in this vid can be simply countered by keeping your dukes up.