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5/22/2005 10:42am,
I was reading Te No Kage!'s thread in Combat Sports and it dawned on me that I have more respect for him knowing that he competes. So I'm starting this to list those Bullshidokas who put it on the line, on the mats or in the ring (or even in between the tape lines on the gym floor). I'm including every type of competition, though I know there is a difference between me doing kata and point sparring and Asia doing BJJ. I also would include people who have done tourneys and such in the past, like Ronin69 in Kyokushin, not just who is currently competing.

So off the top of my head I can list these members who I believe have competed n various levels. Please add what you can.

Te No Kage!
J-Lau (whata guy!)
Traditional Tom
Strong Machine
KhorneliusPraxx (one comp counts!)

And there's a lot of people here like stoogejitsu and HAPKO3 that I THINK compete, but I can't remember... So don't get mad if you aren't listed, this is just an attempt to put it together.

5/22/2005 11:06am,
I "compete"* at Gatherings with the Dogbrothers.

*=get beat down

Beatdown Richie
5/22/2005 11:25am,
You can add Driscoll and JBliss (MMA) and myself (sub grappling) to the list.

5/22/2005 11:29am,
I competed in gi BJJ last November. I miss a lot of smaller tournaments due to school.

5/22/2005 12:38pm,
I compete in BJJ. Next tournament is on the 29th of May.

5/22/2005 12:44pm,
Me. I was at NAGA with TNK and Asia, I've also done various Judo competitions.

Te No Kage!
5/22/2005 12:45pm,
thanks..... although the fact that I compete doesn't mean that I don't suck

En, Imalrdynum, JohnnyS, Dai-tenshi

5/22/2005 12:56pm,
I wouldn't call my NHB fight much of a competition, but I did get to see exactly how much work I needed courtesy of a healthy beatdown.

5/22/2005 12:59pm,
BJJ Gi and No-Gi

5/22/2005 1:01pm,
I actually had my first competition earlier yesterday (in-school, nothing major). Incidently, my first injury during competition as well; I planted my leg a little weirdly on a low kick, and ate a return shot along the knee before recovering. Ah, pain, how I remember thee. Unable to continue probably because of a tear, we'll see which soon. Up until that point, things were going pretty well. :llorar:

5/22/2005 2:08pm,
I competed a few years ago at a point sparring tournament. Took 3rd in the Blue belt division, won 3 matches out of 4. This means nothing, I know.

The competition that I am proud of is when I was grading from Green to Blue and I fought two over 200 lbers at the same time for 2 minutes at 75% with gloves, groincup and mouthguard. Almost got knocked out at the end by the larger of the two but hung on and got saved by the bell.

I'm hoping to fight again for my next belt sometime within the next decade. :XXsmoker:

5/22/2005 2:35pm,
i have competed in several tkd tournaments, and one local judo competition

Judah Maccabee
5/22/2005 2:39pm,
lama_xy just competed in Chicago NAGA.

5/22/2005 5:36pm,

BJJ, Judo, occasionaly sub wrestling. So far on the east coast only.

5/22/2005 6:01pm,
Just getting back into competition (since college). I missed NAGA due to illness but will be competing in a tournament in the next couple weeks, gi and no-gi.

5/22/2005 7:05pm,
I'll be competing in a match or two in about two and a half weeks.