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5/20/2005 9:18am,
Man's nose, part of ear are bitten off
By BETH SMITH, Gleaner staff 831-8334 * [email protected]
May 20, 2005

A fight between two clients at Community Alternatives of Kentucky on Franklin Avenue Thursday afternoon left one man with his nose bitten off.

City police responded to the agency -- which provides support services for people with developmental disabilities and mental retardation -- at about 2:30 p.m. "When we got there, two people had been in a fight and they both had been bitten," said Henderson Police Officer Will Coursey.

However, one man's injuries were far more serious since the rounded tip of his nose and more than an inch of the side of his nose had been bitten off. The same man also had the top portion of an ear bitten almost completely off.

Both men were transported to Methodist Hospital for treatment.

"It was my understanding that the hospital was trying to get in touch with a surgeon to come and reattach the tip of the nose," Coursey said.

Authorities say it isn't certain at this time what started the fight.

The only witnesses to the events leading up to the fight were the two men involved, Coursey said. "We have interviewed them as best we can, but due to their disabilities we are unable to get details."

It was estimated that at least five employees and 10 clients were at the agency when the fight occurred. Coursey said four of the five employees were interviewed about the fight.

It's uncertain if charges will be filed.

Community Alternatives of Kentucky is a subsidiary of ResCare in Louisville.

An employee of ResCare, who refused to give his name, said Thursday afternoon that Community Alternatives provides support and services for those with developmental disabilities by providing residential services and community habilitation.

The residential services include having employees of the agency, which receives funding through Medicaid, going into clients' homes and assisting them with daily living.

The community habilitation aspect involves the agency working with clients in an effort to integrate them into the community and sometimes find job placements for them.