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5/19/2005 12:56pm,
A friend of mine wants me to go watch him spar at his gym. He's kinda hinted I could quit my gym and go there, but I love the style and gym I'm at now. He really talks up the style and his instructor. There is no website to go to, but the style is Kajukenbo. I have not heard or read alot about it and wondered if anyone here had any info or first hand experience about that style. Thanks for any info.

5/19/2005 1:15pm,
I wouldn't give up boxing and gjj for kajukenbo.

Do a google search on kajukenbo.

5/19/2005 1:17pm,
If he has gone to your classes, you should reciprocate and check his out. If he hasn't gone to yours than make a deal to check each others classes out.

5/19/2005 1:34pm,
No way I'd give up boxing/gjj. I figure the style is different so I wanted some info so I'd be less ignorant when I watched him spar. He will come to my gym, but I doubt he'd join it, the Kaj. guy is friend of his.

5/19/2005 1:40pm,
Seach on here - there were a few discussions, both pro & con, and lots of info.

here, lazy butt:

Technically, the kajukenbo could be complimentary to your current training. If you like it there, stay there. Maybe you guys could trade ideas, and techniques outside of training. That would make his techniques in your specialties that much better, and you would get a lot of transitional facets to your game that could bridge the two, and allow you to use them together. Something to think about, at least.


I aint punchy!?
5/19/2005 5:48pm,
I agree. You guys should just set up a time to do cross-training. Its worth more than a standard class as long as you are both motivated. Kind of like personal training but you get the pay-off of doing something different.

5/19/2005 10:48pm,
Kajukenbo was created when five martial artists from five styles combined them together. It's something like karate, jujitsu, kung fu, and some other stuff.

Omega Supreme
5/20/2005 12:53pm,
It's hard to find a decent Kajukenbo studio. Abreviated Kajukenbo is the first modern American Style. A lot of decent fighters can trace there roots here but again it's hard to find a decent modern school.

5/20/2005 2:00pm,
I know they do ALOT of conditioning and spar. That is good as long is the sparring is not 'tag'. The friend is not the type I think would enjoy light sparring, so I really want to go see it. I may go this weekend.

5/20/2005 9:47pm,
As designed, kajukenbo should be effective in all ranges.
Some kajukenbo schools are, many are not. A few claim
their own methods, yet what that usually means is that
whatever they started in before taking kajukenbo is what
they know, and sometimes concentrate on more than not.
Good luck!


5/20/2005 10:12pm,
Meex knows @ kajukenbo... I did a branch of kajukenbo that was good in Utah, and spent a night with Meex's invite in a GOOD kajukenbo school in Honolulu.

For sure, go cross train. You might have a lot of fun and learn some different skills. (Everyone should cross train and/or drop in and ask to work out as a guest in various schools).

5/20/2005 10:16pm,
Unko Pat, can I come and cross train in your real estate school?


5/20/2005 10:18pm,
Sure sonny, I'll start you on the lawn care division (and move you up to bathroom remodeling if you work out).

5/20/2005 10:50pm,
Sure sonny, I'll start you on the lawn care division (and move you up to bathroom remodeling if you work out).
Does that include relocation expenses to mormonville? Okay!