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5/18/2005 8:52pm,
So in my quest to learn grappling I've checked out White Tiger Jiu-Jitsu (www.bjj.ca) and Shootwrestling Canada (www.grappling.ca).

First, White Tiger:

I checked this place out after Pete left me completely helpless at a throwdown.
I liked the atmosphere, the people, and the training. Right away I was thrown into things, doing shrimping drills, sprawls, and other warmups. Then we would drill a technique after having it shown to us by Mark Stables, the head instructor. We did about four techniques in total including escape from the mount, a sweep from half-guard, and a couple others. Then I did some rolling, which consisted of me getting taught posture in guard, and getting triangled repeatedly.
Kickboxing classes, as well as Muay Thai (for an extra fee) are available here as well.

The skill level of the senior students seemed very high. I couldn't do anything against them.
Due to school projects and exams, I didn't end up signing up here. Fast forward to living with parents in Markham:

Ron Beer's Shootwrestling Canada. It's very close to my house (closer than Rebellion Jiu-jitsu [from which White Tiger is an offshoot], which is my other option). When I went in, Ron Beer told me to go less than a quarter intensity today, after finding out I've trained before, and probably seeing my size advantage over the guys I'd be working with. (note: there was no such advice at White Tiger). Ron Beer told me that he no longer trains competitive fighters, and that he refers those looking to compete to some of his former students. It definitely seems like a more recreational club. The skill level seemed a little lower, and I could feel that I could use my strength a lot against some of these guys. Strength was useless at White Tiger. Nevertheless, I can do boxing here as well, and the guys doing boxing looked fairly sharp.
The whole curriculum is exremely organized. They have charts outlining everything (in both boxing and submission wrestling). It looks like they do everything as far as techniques go. In my first class I did basic positioning drills, and some basic escapes. It seems more focused on position and wrestling than White Tiger - which I think is good for me because I've never wrestled. No rolling on my first day, but the students assure me they usually do it for the second half of the class.

So I think I'm going to sign up for Shootwrestling, at least for a while. If I want to get more competitive later, I'll find somewhere a little more intense, but for now, it looks like they have an EXTREMELY organized grappling curriculum, as well as boxing to work on my hands, and it's close and convenient enough that I'll actually go.

That's all.

5/18/2005 9:02pm,
Check out Rebellion. I think a friend of mine is training there.