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5/17/2005 9:00pm,
Hey guys my wife is really really really into "gilmore girls". Well tonigt was the season finale and we set tivo to record it.

Well with all "must see" tv and tivo, it fucking cut off the last 5 minutes, and we set it to tape longer even.

If anyone out there comes across (or has) the season 5 finale episode. Please please please let me know so I can grab it and she can finish it. I have checked torrentspy.com (pretty much the only torrent sight that i know) and it is not there yet.

Thanks guys, you can give me all the flack you want, just find the damn show =P

episode is "season: 5 episode: 22 date: 17-May-2005 title: A House Is Not a Home"

5/18/2005 3:59pm,
cool thanks.

seems to be posted on http://w2.isohunt.com now.