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5/16/2005 7:50am,
I'm a newb. I am also really old - 41. semi fit, 175 lbs. 5'11". All kinds of Tae kwon Do background , ran a school that went under , spent a long time resisting the bullshit watered down stupidity that TKD has become. All done with that. I have been exposed to other systems , judo, Aikido, Wally Jay, .

I was part of a Muay Thai Class here for a few years. I can box (western) enough to not completely embarrass myself with pretty good amatuers. I learned enough Kodokan Judo to know I can not groundfight.

Does any one know of a good ( or of any ) gyms/dojo's/clubs where a person can learn about BJJ , MMA , or whatever you think , in the Boston area - particularly the North Shore area. No video tape refferences please. Real people only.

I don't have any interest in competition , or promotion cycles/belts , except to train with those who are better than me. This does unfortunately include a very low tolerance for assholes. Some of the Thai Boxers I dealt with were not worth knowing even though they had a great deal of skill to impart. Same with Chinese Arts - no offense intended , I just don't like the "flavor" of any Kung-fu I have ever seen.

Judah Maccabee
5/16/2005 8:05am,
There's a pro-fighter on the site named J-Lau, seen here at Sherdog.com


He lives in Massachusetts, and will help you out big time in finding a place. I remember seeing a post about how Boston is surprisingly flush with quality MMA.

Beatdown Richie
5/16/2005 1:48pm,
For straight BJJ, check out Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Watertown or Brazilian Top Team in Everett (might be closer to where you're located). For MMA, there's a ton of schools. Our poster Strong Machine runs one in the south shore area; J-Lau trains at another one down there, and the Boneyard is also south of Boston. Go to massmma.com, read about the features schools, go from there.

5/16/2005 6:58pm,
Thank you , guys. The South Shore is too far for me to realistically get any work done. Honestly if I have to drive that far I'll not be very long in my new endeavor.

Any one ever heard of Larry leavitt's Fitness & martial Arts ? It's in the town of Peabody. I dropped by earlier but they were closed . Peering through the door I at least saw a boxing ring, that's encouraging. Sign says blah blah, grappling , etc.

5/17/2005 3:41am,
I can highly recommend BTT Boston in Everett for BJJ, having trained there on my drunken martial wanderings through the US earlier this year. Very good skill level, good people (they didn't hurt me too much!), and they've got one fucking awesome unconventional weights gym, with kettlebells and other cool stuff abounding .

I believe they have some sort of kickboxing program offered at the gym they train out of, along with a number of other MAs.

12/22/2005 4:04pm,
Please let me know about Larry Leavitt's gym, too. Also, any info about Dragon Within (Salem, MA) would be helpful.

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12/22/2005 4:23pm,
isnt dragons lair in boston?


12/22/2005 4:26pm,
i saw some of the dragons lair students fight earlier this month. they did pretty well.

12/22/2005 7:29pm,
There's a new place in Salem named Dragon Within, too. there website address is: www.dragonwithinmartialarts.com

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12/23/2005 12:25am,
I totally gotta get in on all this... being a Bostonian myself.

12/23/2005 12:54pm,
Competitive San Da Kickboxing downtown Boston: