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Hiji kime
3/11/2003 10:14am,
What's the ethnic makeup of your MA class? What I mean is, what percentage of your students / classmates are of the same ethnic background as your MA. For example, if your a kali/arnis/escrima student, how many of your classmates are Filipino or part Filipino. If you're a TKD student, how many in your class / school are Korean and part Korean.

My aikido class has has a few Japanese expats and visitors over. I've heard that our local Kendo club has a lot of Japanese from the Japanese school in the city. Kali of course is all filipino.

3/11/2003 11:27am,
My aikido class - all white apart from one 2nd generation indian kid who occasionally turns up.
Sun Taiji - all white
Wu Taiji - all white
Escrima - all white apart from same indian kid (see above)
Lau Gar - all white

Martial arts is pretty much a white middle class thing around the northwest (UK) though I know several very working class practitioners.
I know that the central manchester clubs have a more diverse ethnic mix, but that reflects more on the population than anything else.

3/11/2003 11:30am,
jkd-white and chinese
tkd-white and on asian girl, think she is chinese.

KC Elbows
3/11/2003 11:36am,
we're about two thirds white, one third mexican.

Oddly enough, the only local kung fu school where I see many chinese is not a fighting school, though they don't claim to be. Many chinese do not want their children to be kung fu thugs.

3/11/2003 11:38am,
JKD -- Caucasian 90 percent. Maybe 3 or four Asians (Chinese and Filipino). Some Middle Eastern guys. Not an ethnically diverse area.

BJJ -- mixed Caucasian and Middle Eastern.

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3/11/2003 11:48am,
TKD-all white
Judo-all white

Might be because I live in Kentucky, we're as diverse as we were 100 years ago.

Fighty McGee
3/11/2003 12:04pm,
Aikijujutsu- A couple Japanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Samoan, 3 Caucasians.

BJJ- A rotating cast including a few Brazilians, a couple African Americans, an Israeli, a Samoan, and some Caucasians.

3/11/2003 12:08pm,
I was going to say my BJJ class has a huge diversity.

Like a ton of middle easterners, and then it has alot of Hispanics not sure on their exact country, maybe Puerto Rico.

Then there are a few whites, and there is 1 young asian wrestler then there is like 4 blacks.

3/11/2003 12:14pm,
"...not sure on their exact country, maybe Puerto Rico."

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3/11/2003 12:15pm,
Sub fighting - white, few black but I guess manily white.

BJJ: everything,brazillian, white, chinese, balck...

3/11/2003 12:17pm,
College campus so they are diverse:

Kung-Fu - White, Black, Asian, Hispanic
Tai Chi White, Asian

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Fatality Dragon
3/11/2003 12:26pm,
Harakure Ryu- 5 white, 1 black, 1 philippine

Under Dan Instanto student- 3 white, 1 vietnam

Bujinkan- 4 white, 1 chinese, 1 hispanic, 1 indian

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Deadpan Scientist
3/11/2003 12:51pm,
Aikido: white(2 russians, the rest just plain old crackers), japanese, chinese, and black.

KFss: all white, all the time.

3/11/2003 4:22pm,
90% Caucasian

Make friends with them until they beg for mercy.

Deadpan Scientist
3/11/2003 4:26pm,
Just wondering... Why is this an issue at all?

3/11/2003 6:03pm,
2-3 African Americans, a few hispanic, couple of asian, the rest white.