View Full Version : Seeking training partner(s) in North Austin area

Maestro Nobones
5/02/2005 9:36am,
This may be the wrong forum for this, if it is a mod can move it.

This may be kinda weird but I guess I'll ask. I need some folks to come work out/roll/spar/drill/whatever with me during the daytime hours.

here's my situation: I have MS, and for the next few months will not be able to drive myself anywhere because of vision problems. I don't work, and my fiancee works days to support me, a combination of factors that leave me sitting at my house in round rock, bored and alone, all day long.

I do stuff by myself, but you can only do so many squats, and lift weights so much before you get bored.

So I ask, is there anyone in the North Austin area who is mobile and has free time during the day on weekdays to come train some with me? I'm open to whatever style and whatever you can bring to the table, I like standup and I've been training my BJJ game for about 2 months now, so I have plenty to work on. I have two sets of sparring gear, boxing gloves, focus mitts, etc, and a room in my house has mats for rolling.

Again, if this is just dumb or in the wrong forum, mods may take appropriate action. I've just been really bored around here during the day and have no means to get myself anywhere to go train (or I'd be down at phil cardella's every day).

Maestro Nobones
5/03/2005 10:47pm,
up for possible help