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5/01/2005 6:11am,
http://www.dailysouthtown.com/southtown/yrtwn/south/291syt4.htm He fought the law, and the law won

Alsip police say 'Ninja' trashed station, attacked officers before being subdued

Friday, April 29, 2005

By Marcus K. Garner
Staff writer

In a scene reminiscent of a martial arts film, a Naperville man Alsip police dubbed "the ninja" wreaked havoc on several officers and an Alsip jail cell after being arrested for driving drunk, police said.
Michael Doogan, 36, was charged with misdemeanor aggravated battery and assault for allegedly roughing up three police officers after he was taken into custody.

"Some people just have no fear of fighting police," Deputy Police Chief Robert Stark said.

Doogan kicked two officers trying to restrain him and stopped another officer from disabling him with a Taser gun, police said.

Stark said Doogan "supposedly knows karate."

Doogan was arrested Sunday afternoon after rear-ending a woman at 123rd Street and Shirley Avenue, according to police reports.

He remained calm when he was handcuffed and loaded into the back of the squad car, but lost his cool when told his van would be impounded, police said.

Doogan pounded his head against the window of the police car until he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, then began kicking at the opposite window, police said.

The arresting officer tried to subdue Doogan and got a kick in the neck from the handcuffed man, police said. A second officer trying to wrestle Doogan caught two knees to the face, and lost his glasses, police said.

Officers said they eventually restrained Doogan's legs and shuttled him to the police station.

At the station, police reports said Doogan was unshackled and placed into a jail cell, where he began cursing, spitting and throwing toilet water through the bars at officers.

After several minutes alone in the cell, Doogan had flooded the cell by clogging the toilet with a roll of paper, reports said.

When officers came to move him to a dry cell, Doogan assumed a fighting stance and dared them to get him, reports said.

"Open that cell door," he told the officers. "I want a piece of you."

Doogan rushed the opening as officers entered, and the first officer fired a Taser, but missed, police said. One of the projectiles didn't stick, rendering the weapon useless, Stark said.

"The (electric) charge goes between the two probes," he said, noting that a target won't be stunned unless both probes stick.

A second officer fired his Taser at Doogan and connected, and Doogan went down.

He was handcuffed and moved to another cell.

Stark said the officers weren't seriously hurt, so the battery charges against Doogan were only misdemeanors.

"There is the DUI, however, which is a felony," Stark said.

king of seals
5/01/2005 8:01am,
You made a tiny mistake with the link: here's the correct one:


Wounded Ronin
5/01/2005 10:27am,
Ha! A *true* ninja would have called Maasaki Hatsumi first to ask for approval of the unofficial toilet clogging strategem. Sounds like he might have been sinfully crosstraining with middle schooler fu.

5/01/2005 11:21am,
Well I guess if you don't have any sand, you'll have to throw toilet water in their eyes.

Bizzaro Root
5/01/2005 6:33pm,
you hit a LEO in fl and its a felony, wow no wonder he beat them up.