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4/24/2005 8:03pm,
Fighting films just recently released the new 101 ippons DVD.
For those who don't know these series:
It is a DVD packed with judo ippons, nicely sorted into throws, strangles, armlocks and hold downs.
Some of the material you might find on other fighting film DVDs, however I saw a lot of fights which I hadn't seen before.
And it is really like a firework, ippon after ippon.
Some throws are simply unbelieveable, you find yourself watching it again and again in slow motion " how the hell did he do that?" you ask yourself.
Groundwork get's as much coverage as the throws and given that all the scenes are taken from world class international tournaments ( World Championships, Millenium Cup etc) it just shows that groundwork features heavily in modern judo.
Next time you hear anybody complaining about the lack of groundwork, put him in front of the TV and show him the armlock section.
Fast, great techniques.

One of the greatest indicators of it's entertainment value is the fact that my wife, who doesn't play judo , watched the whole DVD with me and really enjoyed it.

( Poor wife - she had to endure watching judo at the olympic games , pre-lims and finals, 5 days in a row. At the same time being jet-lagged and having slept in an awful noisy hotel room. I don't think I get her to come to Beijing...)

Te No Kage!
4/24/2005 8:14pm,
is this thing available online somewhere?

4/24/2005 8:30pm,
yes at www.fightingfilms.com

The DVD costs 15 pound.
It arrived in Australia within ten days.
I have ordered heaps of times at fightingfilms, never had a problem

Rhadi Ferguson
7/08/2005 8:46pm,

You can get the video there. And check out a small trailer as well.

7/09/2005 12:05am,
Hmm, checking the prices between the two suppliers.

Fightingfilms: DVD + Postage into the US 31 US$
Rhadis link: DVD + Postage within the US 49.95 US$

No offence, but that’s a huge price difference. Given that fighting film actually produces this series I find the extra surcharge a bit stiff.

Rhadi Ferguson
7/09/2005 6:35am,
Fighthing films sells is for 15pounds. That's more that 31 dollars and they don't sell it outside of the UK unless its through a distributor and all of the distributors in the US sell for 39.99. If you are outside of the country - which I think you are from your location, then it is definitely better for you to buy the DVD overseas.

There is no extra surcharge. That's the price in the United States. C'mon - I'm not that type of business person.

7/09/2005 6:52am,
Yes, I am not in the US.
I ordered my copy from Fighting Films. the price there is 15 pounds, plus an extra 3 pounds for overseas shipment. I just checked on their website, to send a copy to the US would be 18 pounds in total (dvd + postage), which equals31 US$.
This is according to a currency converter website which takes today's rate ( 1 GBP = 1.73774 USD ) into account.
When checking on the Fighting Film Website, they don't seem to have any problem with sending the DVD into the US.

My advice is to shop around until you find a good price.

I am sure you have the best intentions when doing business.

However – when you recommend a link towards one of your business websites, I would assume it is common courtesy to inform everyone that this is the case.

Rhadi Ferguson
7/09/2005 7:58am,
This is directly from the Fighting Film Site. So you can see, they certainly don't have problem with shipping to the US. However on their site they only ship the PAL standard (or so they say).

From the Fighting Film Website.

On-line Store > Videos & DVDs > Special Interest
"All DVD's available on this site are Multi-Region and will play anywhere in the World. However, all of the videotapes available on this site are European PAL standard and will not play on an NTSC VCR in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea or other countries where the NTSC TV standard is used. Our video titles are readily available from our agents in the USA and Canada, click International distributors for their details. "

I personally don't shop around the globe to let people know the "best" deal possible. I DO know that the price that we charge in the US is 39.99 (and that is across the board) and we are are on a different DVD standard than other places in the world. I appreciate you giving everyone a heads up. Being an informed consumer is very important.

I mirror AFS's sentiments. Shop around until you find a good price and while shopping please visit www.intocombat.com (http://www.101ippons.com) :-)

7/09/2005 8:09am,
Fair enough, the different video system is a good reason.
This would not account for the dvd, which "plays anywhere in the world"

I am not out to get you or anything.

But we did have people here in the past who just posted to sell their products.

From your credentials, it seems that you have so much more to say than the average poster. I am quite interested to read your posts in the future.
So, hope your business goes well.

Rhadi Ferguson
7/09/2005 8:20am,
Yeah that statement they put on their website is contradictory isn't it?
I know you aren't out to get me. Hell, it's nice to be able to have a discussion with someone who lives in Australia :-)

7/09/2005 8:25am,
the internet is a small place.
For martial arts discussion as well as for the dvd business...

Just kiddin of course