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Gringo Grande
4/22/2005 10:19am,


Gringo Grande

Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
4/22/2005 11:25am,
aw, i haven't worn pants that look like that in months.

Mr. Mantis
4/22/2005 4:49pm,
this one's better: http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-548.htm

but they're both mechanized attack squad.

Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
4/22/2005 5:37pm,
thanks, mantis, i always wondered how those fake-ass new-school warped tour jock-punk bro bands like pennywise and lagwagon wrote such worthless cookie-cutter poseur bullshit. of course! they have software to remove the need for imagination or real emotion, and to ensure it comes out as spineless, safe and generically palatable as possible, like a factory producing dough for wonder bread. hey! do you think maybe one day all those bands will drown in their own ****? mm, it's a nice thought.

Mr. Mantis
4/22/2005 7:10pm,

Yeah, I pretty much have no idea about those bands because they suck and I ignore them.

Now, I'm gonna take you back in time to 1991. This is one of my songs. I would be on bass, but the recordings with me that I have are really too punk rock (ie. it sounds horrible) for you. So you'll have to accept this mediocre recording I have.

This little ditty is called "Bomb the Vatican"
If I could re-write it today, I would only exchange the word "Christians" with "Catholics" because not all christians are catholics, and the song is obviously about cathohilism. Which I suffered through for many years, and was obviously the inspiration for the song.


Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
4/22/2005 7:32pm,
loving it.

Mr. Mantis
4/22/2005 7:40pm,
loving it.

In that case, I present what I feel is a better song, from that era.

This one's called "the ladder"