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3/06/2003 11:38pm,
well said administration;;; i commend you''however,we seem to have a deep problem on this forum and that IS stalking,and that person is DRD,DONALD R DALTON! THIS GUY HAS STALKED AND HARRAASED everyone out here while the moderators back him up with his ass kissing tatics!this guy drd is a criminal i truely believe and we will be looking into his background.he has stalked everybody that has stated his thoughts on this forum and crys like a mammas boy when he doesn't get his way.ballonknot is right the way i see it and many other people who have quitted this forum because of this coward DRD.THIS PUNK WANNA BE STALKS ME MY FRIENDS AND YOUR ASSOCIATES on this site.could you please consider banning him for 6 months or so before this gets ugly for the owners of this site.there will be an investigation on dalton just to find out his criminal background.donald dalton appears to have deep rooted emotional and criminal intent against the innocent people on this site.now i do admit i am not an angel,other than a 'guardian angel' from n.y.c.I like to protect the innocent and punish the criminals. dalton has treathened to kil people on this forum and you do nothing about it. look at his past posts.i assure you cowards like this do not even belong in this society never mind this site or the web.this punk d.dalton is not a martial artist i assure you. he will not fight in tournaments nor did he have any instruction.other then self.administration i ask you ? should you let this punk continue his criminal activities or are you going to do something about him.i get many pms in support of my opion and assesment of DRD.I SAY BAN THE WANNA BE EGO TESTICLE IDOT BEFORE ITS TO LATE TO CHANGE HIS CRIMINAL STALKING YOU WERE WARNED ABOUT!LAST WARNING AND OPION ON THIS SUBJECT!ADMINISTRATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSER A LEGAL NO-HOLDS BARRED MATCH WITH ME AND DONALD R DALTON I WOULD LOVE TO ACCOMODATE YOU . THE TOURNAMENT IN VEGAS WILL BE APRIL18-20TH.GRANDMASTER.

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Omen Stone
3/06/2003 11:40pm,
*cough* fagget *cough*

"A California man has been taken to court for stalking Anna Nicole Smith. The man has been charged with invasion of privacy, illegal trespassing, and having really bad taste."-Conan

3/07/2003 12:00am,
Look how cute the troll is.
He tried to post something and sound intelligent.
He even turned CAPSLOCK OFF for most of it!!!

Make friends with them until they beg for mercy.

3/07/2003 12:24am,
Hey look, Snakey just sent me a PM:

We've all felt alone and unloved, and lash out at those that care about us the most. We're here for you, really.
Come here you lug and give us a big hug.

Make friends with them until they beg for mercy.

3/07/2003 1:36am,
Now I delete more dumbass posts than anyone and JKDCHICK is getting all my credit. What do I have to do to get noticed around here? Dye my hair red and grow some breasts!!?!?! (Stop drooling IGBJJ it not goint to happen)

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invinsible Asia) Emporer of Baji!!!