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3/05/2003 1:06am,
I am sorry the another post. Does anyone know anyone who would be willing to do an inteview and some information regarding Frank Dux. I am writing the article for possible publication in a major magazine. Post something here if you have it or email me at [email protected]

Go over to http://www.frankdux.com/duxforum/viewthread.php?tid=108 to view the infighting going on within the Ryu. none of them seem to want to answer for their Hanshi Dux and allegations that he is making about a Sensei Richardson.



Deadpan Scientist
3/05/2003 1:08am,
LB: contact Master Chuck Cory at www.sansoomichigan.com to hear about how Fank Dux was stealing techniques and passing them off as Dux ryu.

3/05/2003 1:15am,
He's got his own forum!!!!!
oh man, it's so tempting to go start ****!!!
I've never trolled, but this guy is so fake I almost wanna learn how-to!!!!

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