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3/04/2003 11:39am,
Hey all

I have been reading this forum for quite some time. Stumbled onto this page a few months ago. I like it a lot so I figure it is time to me to start posting. What I want to know is, what is your best story where someone you knew didn't know you could fight or someone who knew you did martial arts but did not know you could really throw down was shocked when they saw you fight.

For instance, everybody's mom think that you are her little angel. Imagine the shock on her face when her 18 year old, 150 pound son takes out a 220 pound biker right in front of her. Happened to a buddy of mine. His mom was beside herself. Share your stories.

Deadpan Scientist
3/04/2003 12:28pm,
Last year some of my friends and I were going to get an on campus 10 person suite. We had to decide who was going to have to live in doubles(2 person rooms), and who was going to get to live in singles. out of the 10, 3 were girls, who all got singles, and one guyautomatically got a single(his gf was getting us the house).
In order to decide, first we had a trivia contest, but it ended in a tie. Then, my large(6'1" 180lbs large to me, ok?) basketball playing friend suggested a fighting tournament(aka "March Madness"). Since my other friends were obsessed with the movie gladiator at the time, they all agreed.
There were only 2 singles left. Two dropped out because they were too scared. The last match would be just for fun, to see who would reign supreme.
My first match up: My friend started by grabbing my shirt. I countered with nikkyo. He tapped.

2nd Match, My friend executed a terrible "judo chop" to my neck, which resulted in him being thrown. He then gives up.

3rd match, The basketball guy. Comes at me with a haymaker, which I down blocked and stepped around. Then I applied the rear naked choke for the win.

Now I live in a single, and my friends don't want to have the tournament again <img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

KC Elbows
3/04/2003 1:15pm,
My teacher was out of town, and I was running a class, had a new guy who decided I wasn't as much a badass as my teacher, so he's being a pain the whole lesson through. Finally, we get to sparring, and I'm telling one student to keep the guard up, and the guy steps in and say's it's cool, it doesn't matter, and so I excuse out the student I was trying to help and do a three minute round that guy probably never forgot. He listened after that. And no one got hurt, though I'm willing to bet he felt a little bit like hamburger at the time.

Martial Cartoonist
3/04/2003 2:24pm,
Okay, so I'm at Warped Tour '99 with some friends, and my best friend and I get separated from the group. My friend's a little guy, a wushu stylist who knows I'm basically just starting out in MA. However, watching Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee since I was four has made me surprisingly svelte. Anyways, we're lost, and we're wandering around the concert looking for our group.

Now, here's the problem. We bump into this group of lesbians. Not cute, waify lesbians, not sizzling-hot porno lesbians, but GIANT lesbians. I mean, these women are twice the man I am. So one of 'em looks down and says "what the **** are you MEN doing here?"

My friend nudges me, the look on his face BEGGING me to say something, ANYTHING to get us out of this. So, stupid me says the first thing on my mind:

"I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body."

Aaaaaand the **** hits the fan. My friend was worried that I was gonna get killed, but a number of solid throws (from aikido and judo), a couple punches and elbows (taught by my karate/arnis/limalama stepdad) and one REALLY REALLY cool spin kick (that I watched Jet Li do) save me from total death. I'm tired as all hell and have a few bruises, but otherwise, I'm cool. My friend did quite a bit better, but after all was mopped up, we were able to cut and run right when security showed up.

About fours years later (basically two months ago), I see one of the lesbians I fought with AT MY JOB. She's shopping for videos. But she's doing great, and she actually apologized (since her girlfriend-at-the-time was the one who attacked first). Really interesting.

10th degree. Yeah, I said 10th degree. White belt, o'course. This long and I haven't been promoted once? I must really suck.

3/04/2003 2:59pm,
rofl @ "I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body." <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

3/04/2003 3:04pm,
When people think I can't fight, it's usually because they're right.


Deadpan Scientist
3/04/2003 3:19pm,
Poor boyd, go train instead of posting here.

3/04/2003 4:27pm,
Attacked by giant lesbians.

Every mans worst nightmare.... :)

Make friends with them until they beg for mercy.

3/04/2003 5:44pm,
I've never really "shocked" anybody before. Most people assume that since I'm a big guy I can kick a decent amount of ass. That assumption isn't always true. I guess the thing that shocks people would be more my quickness/agility/flexibility. All things big guys are supposed to lack.

3/04/2003 5:50pm,
"I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body."
what every males really thinks......

attacked by giant lesbians lmao, i'm thinking Chyna from that WWE or worse

I attack flurriously!
Let me introduce you to my friends: Hand, Elbow and Knee.

deus ex machina
3/04/2003 5:50pm,
They were shocked when they saw me weeping in a corner, curled into a fetal position.


3/04/2003 6:04pm,
Was that before or after the bullies looked at you?

I attack flurriously!
Let me introduce you to my friends: Hand, Elbow and Knee.