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4/03/2005 9:58pm,

It's a big download... 50 megs. I think its worth it, because it maintains high quality audio and video.

4/03/2005 10:08pm,
Not working . . .

4/03/2005 10:16pm,
Works for me. Right click and save as, its a large video file. Will open in Windows Media Player

4/03/2005 10:21pm,
Downloading now . . . I think your site was down for a couple of minutes.

4/03/2005 10:24pm,
Excellent vid!

Judah Maccabee
4/03/2005 10:30pm,
Very kickass vid. Way to guillotine someone into unconsciousness!

4/03/2005 10:39pm,
Is that you in the backyard fight, or just some random guy?

4/03/2005 10:41pm,
Great focus! I love how you always stay on your opponent.

4/03/2005 10:43pm,
Is that you in the backyard fight, or just some random guy?

Thats me, at about 150 pounds to that kids 185. I was a bit green still then... but still choked him out.

4/03/2005 10:46pm,
Cool ****.

Poop Loops
4/03/2005 10:58pm,
Definately worth the download. Great job, man! :D


4/03/2005 10:59pm,
Great video. Keep up the good work.

4/03/2005 11:04pm,
Holy crap, I have that video. I just haven't uploaded it to the server yet.

Here's the link to a smaller version I have hosted... well, will have hosted in about 10 minutes after it uploads:


4/03/2005 11:05pm,
Awesome video.

Or, in the words of Dana White, "Dynomite!"

Gypsy Jazz
4/04/2005 12:21am,
Great video. Always looked for the yellow gloves to quickly identify who's who.

A question on the gulliotine: I can't tell, but did cut off the cartoids? Every time I've used/been caught in a gullitone it was just an intensely tight air choke. But that fellow went limp awfully fast for that to be an air choke.

4/04/2005 8:57am,
Guillotine can be a carotid choke if it is *just* right, but that doesnt usually happen. That guillotine was really deep, and I think it was a carotid choke because when I talked to Ryan after (kid who got choked out), he said he didnt remember anything. He thought he was in my guard and fine, and the next thing he knew the fight was over.

However, when you are working really hard in a fight and are already out of breath, and THEN someone puts you in a choke, it doesnt take much time for an air choke to put you out either.