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4/03/2005 12:15am,
I have looked all over my city and have not found a good boxing, kickboxing, or anyother martial arts school that fights. I have trained in tae kwon do and folkstyle wrestling and some of the schools i have trained TKD at have had sparring but for only 20 percent of the training time.

I am looking for a primarily fighting school, one that i can train at to fight in tournements full contact.

I live in Cocoa Florida, Brevard county, 32926; and i am asking if anyone here knows of any schools in my area that are reputable.

Right now im looking at a place called The Martial Arts Studio, in Rockledge Florida.

4/03/2005 12:32am,
I'm sorry but i have no idea where exactly is located Cocoa county.However ,if it's anywhere near these two locations.These are the instructors.I believe Sensei Angel is well respected in our style.

Sensei Angel Rosario from Kyokushin Karate of Tampa is a 3rd Dan. Sempai Ken Hicks from Kyokushin Academy in Zephyrhills.

If full-contact fighting and tournaments is what you're looking for ,they will surelly help you.They have a few but very good fighters who travel North-America to go fight.

4/03/2005 1:15am,
all the good schools are in tampa and miami. I live on the opposite coast of florida from tampa.

Poop Loops
4/03/2005 1:29am,
YMCA is bound to have Boxing and maybe Judo. Local high schools probably have Judo. If all else fails, you can go around screaming "I NEED A MARTIAL ARTS TEACHER!!" and keep doing it until someone responds.


4/03/2005 1:29am,
You may just need to appraise your transportation situation and willingness to travel.

Please tell me you're vigorously exercising in the meantime.

4/03/2005 2:33am,
Weightlifting at school and home and hopefully getting a ymca member ship soon, but the local y has no boxing for insurance reasons and has a martial arts class but i have not checked it out. The only reliable transport at the moment would be my dads truck after 7 pm or my bike before then. which is why im getting the YMCA membership because i can ride my bike there.
Im also stepping up my running now that wrestling season is over and on average everyother day i ride my bike 6 to 8 miles

4/03/2005 11:02am,
You can usually buy a 100lb heavy bag for less than $100. A good investment that can be used any time.

4/03/2005 1:04pm,
i have a heavy bag but no way to hang it up, my dad is supposed to be getting me some ropes and chains to hang it up in the back yard but he hasnt been able to yet.

4/03/2005 1:13pm,
tie it to a post or tree in the ground and wail on it till you can properly hang it.

4/03/2005 1:49pm,
ok thanks

4/03/2005 4:00pm,
That really sucks that you cant box at the Y.

I boxed at the Y when i was 9-10, good fucking place to start out.

4/03/2005 5:42pm,
All that came up under Yahoo local for your area code was Tae Kwon Do. Have you tried www. MartialInfo.com go down to location and then from there they list ma schools.

4/03/2005 6:18pm,
i found an Okinawan Kempo place at 1104 Hermosa Drive in Rockledge there is no website but I know where it is supposed to be.

4/03/2005 6:20pm,
I found a website


The style is called Iwatana-do Okinawan Kempo. I guess im going to go check it out and watch a class.

4/03/2005 6:37pm,
Good luck, I hope its not Bullshido. If you haven't already, check out the boards and get an idea of the things you should be looking (and looking to avoid) for in a ma school.

I prefer Okinawan over Japanese karate myself.

4/03/2005 6:43pm,
I know somewhat what to look out for like crazy lineages that involve martians and Native Mayans
that could throw lightening

and i have emailed the owner and told him my name my interest in watching a class my main reason for training for full contact fighting and that i look forward to his reply