View Full Version : Ninja Burger down - Which BJJ player did it, fess up!

Peter H.
4/01/2005 5:15pm,
www.ninjaburger.com has succumbed.

Which one of you Samurai Burger employeed BJJ players did it. I want answers!

Wounded Ronin
4/01/2005 5:18pm,
It was Hedge. LYNCH HIM!

4/01/2005 6:23pm,
It's still there, just a bunch of pirate **** you have to click on first.

Ian G.R.
4/02/2005 6:56am,
That is an awesome board game..SJGames rocks!!

Peter H.
4/02/2005 10:12am,
It's back, Helio must have granted a reprieve to his "Smyert Ninjiam" (Death to Ninjas) orders.