View Full Version : Portable Adjustable Punching Bag Exercise System

3/29/2005 8:04am,
What do you ppl think of this?

site (new products) (http://marketlaunchers.com/punchingbag.html)

Now u can train everywhere...



Traditional Tom
3/29/2005 12:27pm,
Looks like a big waste of money.

Reason 1: The guy is leaning back with that...odd... waist gizmo. Leaning back every now and then to help dodge a punch can be alright when you need to mix things up, but if a half-decent opponent plows into you while you are leaned back like that, you'll probably go down.

Reason 2: Why would you even need that overly fancy shite?

Reason 3: There isn't really a replacement for a good sparring partner.

3/29/2005 2:14pm,
i thought this thread was going to be about midgets.

i come to find out, it's about something much less practical.

3/31/2005 12:20am,
It looks like a wing chun dummy on acid.

Might be fun to try...