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justA black guy
3/22/2005 2:31am,
Who is he? How and why did he get in trouble? Is he a legit martial artist?

3/22/2005 3:08am,
I've got a great link for you Here (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/search.php?)

3/22/2005 12:14pm,
from what l can remember from my days in the us. he was a hairdresser with a lot of claims . such as being the most dangerous man in the world . he sold cources by book. you could find them advertised in mens magazines. he would try to bully clubs by bringing a bunch of students to someones club. from what l can remember from back then , is he showed up at a chinese club and just walked in. a fight ensued with weapons and it ended in the street. this where one of his guys pulled a gun and was disarmed and shot. this by a guy in the chinese club. if l remember a tkd school around that time also was blown up. it started a war between clubs for awhile. as to quaulifications he claimeed a lot of things. this is the best l can do for you as it was a long time ago.he wasnt that important , he was a legand in his own mind. l think he took his name from a count dante a illusionist from northern europe who pre dated houdini . just my opinion on this.

3/22/2005 1:52pm,
This site has some info about Count Dante:


seeker of truth
3/22/2005 4:00pm,
The school Lee is talking about was a Tai Chi Chuan school. They ended up taking straight wudang swords of the walls.

3/22/2005 4:04pm,
l read it out of interest , l didnt realize had he lived hed be younger than me. l think it looks as if it was a bit of p.r. hes been dead a long time hes still not canonized. any clubs he tried to close l dont remember him being successfull. at the time most were bombed . or some were fired . l would look for more legit teacher , to look for concepts .

Lights Out
3/22/2005 5:55pm,
A simple search on count dante borught up this thread (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=17817&highlight=count+dante) by shironinja.

Oh, and in the link posted by MattJ, I found interesting this quote:

Proper emphasis on courage, aggressiveness, and actual training hall and street application of effective fighting techniques, is the most serious lacking segment in modern day karate and kung fu schools... most karate schools place little emphasis on courage or "guts fighting" and aggressiveness and usually even frown on it. They also do not permit body contact in their self-defence and sparring practice. This makes for a safe training hall but does little to help develop the body to withstand strike punishment and actually hinders the student when they are forced to use it on the street.
Remember, the only true test of a fighting man is what he can do, and no more. Form practice, sparring, self defence practice and brick breaking are meaningless if the man cannot withstand the burden of the 'real thing'

Won Dom Fok
3/23/2005 1:00am,
Count Dante died in 1975. He got real bizarre with his werewolf look and all, but he was a great martial artist and one of my heroes. There is a ton of information on him if anyone wants to do a web search. Geniuses are often eccentric. You can also look under John Keehan.

Strong Machine
3/23/2005 1:06am,
He is dead. but the Black Dragon fighting system lives on, and is taught at a school in my area by the only man who can rightfully teach Dante's system.

3/23/2005 1:30am,
I remember his ads in the Comic Books.

3/23/2005 1:36am,
Yeah, I remember those ads too....

Didn't he end up dying of bleeding ulcers or something?

3/23/2005 1:43am,
Who is he? How and why did he get in trouble? Is he a legit martial artist?

For a martial artist the Count was one helluva hairdresser.

Amazingly, despite being the deadliest man alive, the cops found him hiding behind a desk after his ill-fated trip to the rival martial arts school. One of his students was killed in the foray.

The organization still exists and they do a MMA approach to fighting now. Check out their clips and you'll notice that they are extremely aggressive.

Strong Machine
3/24/2005 12:04am,
"I remember his ads in the Comic Books."

Not only do I remember.But I went and found such an old comic so I could tear the page out and hang it on the wall in my school, where it still hangs after 3 years.It hangs right beside the back inside cover of that comic.Which was a one page story/ad where OJ Simpson explains to two boys the importance of drinking Orange Juice.