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3/15/2005 4:36pm,
For some reason it seems downloads aren't working right in Mozilla browsers. IE works fine, so use that if you want to view/download the videos. We're working on the issue as we speak.

3/15/2005 4:39pm,
it works for me. just "save link as" the "view file" and you get a prompt with something like "module.php.wmv" for example. rename it to whatever you like and there you go?

3/15/2005 4:41pm,
Yeah, but you shouldn't have to do all that, it should work the way it's intended.

3/15/2005 4:42pm,
Hay! no nunchaku practice in the computer room.

Bizzaro Root
3/15/2005 8:08pm,
you cant view some of the embeeded vids either was going to make a thread but it sounds like your on top of it already.

3/15/2005 8:12pm,
I think Phrost is just trying to make it awkward for Mac users after we started the rebellion.

3/16/2005 2:06am,
I would like to take a moment to envision Bill Gates getting gang-raped in prison.

Ahh, yes, that's better.

3/16/2005 10:17am,
I bet bill gates would be the guy who gets everyone everything in prison........so I bet bill would would be raping you :)

serriously though, the videos work if you scroll down a couple times, its like they are posted on a different layer of the page.

Ming Loyalist
3/16/2005 10:33am,
i have trouble watching windows media files on my mac in general. if i can even get them to play at all they usually stutter and drop frames making them unwatchable.

never seen anyone have any problems watching quicktime movies on a PC, so why not use the quicktime format and forget about windows media since it has never been a good choice for cross-platform viewing.

3/16/2005 10:35am,
1. Quicktime formatting makes larger files, as far as I know.

2. I don't own a Mac, so I don't get free QT editing software.

Now if you guys want to take up a collection and buy me a Mac so I can do better video editing... by all means. :D

3/16/2005 12:12pm,
2. Neither do we.

But mpg == quicktime as far as most people are concerned, and mpg > wmv. Hurrah.