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3/15/2005 1:31pm,
You have to give up sex.

Any truth to this statement? I honestly hear the weirdest stuff sometimes.

3/15/2005 1:35pm,
You have to give up sex.

Any truth to this statement? I honestly hear the weirdest stuff sometimes.

It is true. I refused to give up sex, and thus never became a taichi master.


3/15/2005 1:39pm,
If Tai Chi masters had to give up sex, then they couldn't have had children. However, many of them have had children. Hence, you don't have to give up sex to be a Tai Chi master.

3/15/2005 1:42pm,
Actually, this was from story I got first hand from my suitemates, I'll see if I can talk to this guy directly.

3/15/2005 1:44pm,
Pfft, if that were true, what would be the point of "Sexual" Qi gong?

I read one article by a bagua guy that said something random about "You have to live as a monk for three years," the validity of which I have no idea. Admittedly you can spend more time training when you aren't partying and chasing poon (just look at musashi); not to mention the raw aggression from just not getting laid... on that note I'm shocked that more monks didn't become grapplers... *rimshot*

3/15/2005 1:52pm,
I think that the "no sex" thing came from people thinking that you had to conserve your semen ("jing"). I think that they thought a man's body only had limited semen resources. What they didn't realize is that, if there's no sexual activity, men will have nocturnal emissions about every two weeks. Also, unless there's something terribly wrong, men have basically unlimited semen resources.

The result of these beliefs are people hanging weights from their balls and calling it qigong. Also, what's the point of being a good fighter if you can't enjoy someone's affection? There are things more important than fighting, I think most people realize this.

3/15/2005 2:18pm,
What the...?!?!?!?! who ever said that is just ugly and not getting any anyway...!!!

If taiji masters couldnt have sex then how did they teach their kids to pass taiji down the generations...???

3/15/2005 2:19pm,
The result of these beliefs are people hanging weights from their balls and calling it qigong.

Nooooo say it aint so... ouch...!!!

3/15/2005 4:17pm,
For what its worth, some scientific studies have shown (I can find the articles if you want to be difficult, and they had a spot on the discovery channel about it) there is no physiological change in human biology as a result of banging, so any change according to that study would have to be from a non-physiological source. My theory on that is that the issue could be psychosomatic in nature (If its anything at all), with systemic effects too subtle for identification in the study period.

So, given the lack of short term evidence, we should accept the null hypothesis of banging having no immediate effect on athletic (vicariously martial) performance, and endeavor to enact research covering a larger testing period under different perameters. Though I have no idea who would be willing to swear off luvin' for a period of months for the greater good of scientific understanding...

In conclusion, getting play the night before a fight won't kill your capacity, but the rope burns and handcuff marks might sting a bit for a few days.

3/15/2005 4:20pm,
Yeah I'm really sorry about that.

Yum Yum
3/15/2005 4:34pm,
How long would it take to become a taiji master?

10 years?

3/15/2005 4:35pm,
Tai chi masters usually avoid sex by being long-haired, pigeon-chested, tree-hugging, dirt-munching, crystal-rubbing, noodle-dancing, canvas-shopping bag using, Volvo-driving, fair trade coffee-drinking cosmic oatmeal cookies who have self-righteousness like other people have bad breath and an unshakable conviction about things that they read about at the alternative book store.

Yes, I know that's a run-on sentence.

3/15/2005 4:36pm,
No sex eh? I think this explains why you see alot of old impotent men being Tai Chi masters...mighty convenient....

3/15/2005 4:42pm,
I think in Taoist medicine men expend a lot of energy in sex while women gather it and this is why back in the day(and a few now) a lot of monks and Tai Chi players swore of sex or did it as little as possible. Also, i think, they tend to believe that it can distract one from thier Taoist practices.

Ive heard two schools of thought on it. 1) Dont do it ever. Save your energy. men give give give and women take take take so it will not work to your favor unless you are a woman(and then they can become over dependant on it)

2) A little is fine, just dont go crazy with it.

3/15/2005 4:44pm,
Hmmmm maybe thatw why its hard to find an good teachers/ fighters.

3/15/2005 4:58pm,
"How long would it take to become a taiji master?"

3 lifetimes