View Full Version : Telekinetic Tai chi :) Enjoy

3/14/2005 6:06am,

I made a search for the link and one for "telekinetic martial arts" but I didn't find this video, so if it's been posted before, just delete the topic, or flame me or something.

However, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when watching this.

3/14/2005 6:13am,
Sloppy side control.

Black 6
3/14/2005 7:13am,
WARNING!!! Do not view whil econsuming beverages of any type while sitting in front of your computer.

Questions to ask yourself:
Around 1:29 in the video, is he requesting a BJ?
Does the girl have ADD?
What's with all the yelling?

Seriously, be careful where you watch this. People in the Company CP thought that I was watching a porn because of the noises the girl makes.

3/14/2005 8:10am,
Been on... total crap... very funny to watch...

Traditional Tom
3/14/2005 11:09am,
just... wow.
Good find fan, + rep incoming!

king of seals
3/14/2005 11:27am,
In the half of the video... tele-kEnetic through a door... why didn't the chair move?

While I was playing the video, my mother heard the girl panting and slamming her feet on the floor. She ran immediatly in my room to check out what I was doing because we had guests...

She: "wtf are you..."
Me: "Watching? Tele-Kenetic Tai Chi!" :)

3/14/2005 11:33am,
I thought it was bogus until he did it through the door.

3/14/2005 12:37pm,

even better this one.....

Maestro Nobones
3/14/2005 12:38pm,
I'm too busy writing a check to this guy to order all his videos to reply to this thread.

3/14/2005 1:19pm,
They can't even label their superpowers correctly. It's telepathy that he's exerting over his victim's mind, or more correctly telepathetic.

king of seals
3/14/2005 1:35pm,
Telepathy: in parapsicology, extrasensorial mind process transmission (thoughts and feelings) between two people.

It's mind control.

3/14/2005 1:47pm,
It's scary to imagine that people like this exist.

3/14/2005 9:39pm,
she looks freakin possesed.

3/14/2005 9:51pm,
Her CV includes 6 months tap and 10 months contemporary.

She has a history of epilepsy and schizophrenia, and is currently recovering from a nasty case of slow-motion sickness.

3/14/2005 9:54pm,
She's just excited because Geico saved her a bunch of money on her car insurance. I'm going to Geico's 3-day black belt seminar next week.

3/14/2005 10:16pm,
I'm just....so confused. That was strange...yet arousing.