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International W
3/04/2005 2:30am,
Today I was looking back at the good ol' days when I ruled high school. Yes it's true, I may have put on some weight, and maybe lost some hair, but in high school I was a man amongst boys. OK well not really, but it sounds good. :laughing4

So for old timesake, I found a copy of my senior yearbook. I'd completely forgotten half of what was in there. About the only thing I remembered is that I was somehow voted "Most Handsome". Of course this was 1990 so having a mullet, or even a semi mullet like I had didn't disqualify you automatically. :qfrog: I was surprised by our wrestling team photo. I'm only 5'6, maybe 5'7 on a good day. Yet I was in the back row. Maybe it was because I was captain of our team, but there were guys taller than me who were forced to sit down. Oh well. It just looks really funny because I'm shorter than everyone else. I haven't looked at this thing in about 14 years either, so a lot of it was new. There was actually a quote from my father, him talking about trying to feed me vegetables. To this day I still hate them. :tellme: I'd also forgotten my coach telling people that me winning state made his day. I was really happy because our team had struggled a lot that year, we only had 3 returners from the previous year, and had been inconsistent all year. But I was proud of the fact that I'd made it all the way to the top.

Ohh and a fun fact I forgot. 24% of the school thought that I had the loudest car stereo. Unfortunately that was good enough for 3rd place. Oh well. Too bad I didn't go to my 10 year. Only 5 more years until my 20th, haha.

3/04/2005 2:40am,
My 20th is coming up pretty fast. They seem to have them a year early for some reason. I missed my 10th. :(

Only thing I am looking forward too is that I still look young, have all my hair, and am twice the size now I was then.

3/04/2005 2:41am,
lol, my 20 year is next year for the school I went to for 3 1/2 years (I got invited for the 10 year). We didn't have a 5 year and I missed our 10 year because I didn't check in until a week before they had it. What sucked was I moved in Nov. of my Sr. year. Not like moved in the city moved from Utah to Florida. The wrestlers at my new school hated me... :) I came in just in time to boot the 187 guy down to JV who'd been their varsity wrestler for 3 years and was very popular on the team - of course that's also the year I spent 90% of my time in a rubber suit trying to make weight. The other thing that sucked was for the first time since I was a freshman we didn't make the state finals in Football - was always fun watching our films though since I was so easy to spot - I was 5" shorter then the next shortest linemen - just look for the empty spot in the line...

If I'm back in the US I am definitly going to try to hit my 20 year. I am with you I am one of the few people I know who really had a blast in high school.

3/04/2005 2:48am,
High school was fun, wish I could relive some parts of it again. Especially the part where I left my High School Sweetheart when I moved to Florida to be with my family. :(

I saw her last august, she hasn't aged any, and looks really awesome for a lady who's had 2 kids.

3/04/2005 2:51am,
lol, I still keep in touch with my high school sweetie - she hasn't aged quite that well for someone who has a 17 16 and 2 year old and has been divorced 2x... :) She was definitly into Bullshido though, probably still is, I know she tried buddism for a while.

International W
3/04/2005 2:57am,

Cutting weight was the worst. I wrestled from 129 up. By the time I was a senior, I'd decided the heck with this, I'm not cutting weight and that's the end of that argument right there. When the season started, I weighed 162 lbs. I wrestled at 171 at one of the bigger tournaments that season and placed 3rd. I didn't feel like cutting the 2 lbs. I was just tired of straining my body. Over the season I wound up lighter than I began. The guy who won a state title at 152 lbs actually weighed slightly more than I did. I weighed in at state at 153, and he was just slightly more with the weight allowance.

But high school was quite a bit of fun. I wish I'd somehow capitalized on my fame in the yearbook but oh well. I should go to my 20 year. I haven't seen my wrestling coach since I graduated, he'd be about the only person I'd be interested in seeing what 20 years has dne to (could probably still whoop me). I had friends at other high schools, but I'm not invited to their reunions...haha.

3/04/2005 3:16am,
I wrestled at 167 my freshman year and 187 every year after that. When I moved they had a 220 lb weight class but I didn't want to wrestle in that one. Once I dropped the weight from football I generally didn't have any trouble keeping it off, except for that last year. I actually had to shop around for a Dr. who would sign off on me wrestling at 187 (or was it 189? - I can't remember the weight classes anymore they really didn't make sense)

But yeah cutting weight sucked - really screwed up my metabolism and explains why there are so many overweight ex-wrestlers.

My ex left our school at the end of the year I left at (my Sr. her Jr. year). She had 0 fun in high school, I think the only "highlight" of high school for her was dating the football/wrestler. I'd like to catch up with the rest of the football team (like most wrestling teams ours was pretty anti-social and standoffish) and some of my friends just to see what they came up with. I was voted "most likely to be married and have 20 kids" in high school - ah the joy of living in Mormon country :sex: . I'm carrying around about 20 lbs more then I had when I played but I still carry it well, and all the hair is gray but it's all still there... :)

3/04/2005 4:47am,
Man, don't be the guy trying to relive his high school glory days.
Of course, I still live in the same town. I just had breakfast with a girl I graduated with so even 5 years later I am still running into people.
Of course, I recently settled my main goal in HS...fucking the captain of the cheerleading squad my freshman and sophmore year.
Do places really have 5 year reunions? Most of my class is still in college...the ones that finished in 4 years are all in grad school.

3/04/2005 5:20am,
lol, we didn't but most of my class would have been in college since they'd have gone on their LDS missions before starting college.

I don't need to relive my high school years - I've got one of those lives most people envy unless they live it... :)

3/04/2005 7:57am,
****, reliving high school years?

I'm with EW, no one would believe my life even if I swore on a stack of bibles.

Though lately, I've calmed a lot down.

International W
3/04/2005 12:57pm,
Wrestling at our school was a big deal. We lost to our rival Shadow Mountain, who had some really good teams and that just killed me. If I hadn't wrestled, I probably wouldn't have had a lot of cool things happen to me. That was my "in", people were like, ohh yeah, captain f the wrestling team and state champion. That was an industry all on it's own...haha.

3/04/2005 6:15pm,
i was in and out of rehab all through high school. not a good time in my life.

International W
3/05/2005 1:16am,
I spent most of high school in the wrestling room.

Poop Loops
3/05/2005 1:32am,
High school was the shittiest time of my life, besides Junior high. Restrictions, restrictoins, restrictions, classes I didn't want to take, but had to, and classes that gave out busy work. Was a nerd, (am a nerd, I should say), so I was never popular. And I still had to have my mom come to the doctor/dentis/whatever with me because I wasn't 18. Only good memories are of me and my friends at lunch (only time we really met =/), talking about how much we hate the school.

I mean, we were only taught abstinence in health (besides being shown like 3 different condoms and PICTURES OF GEINTALIA WITH STDS FUCKING GROSS!!), yet the cheerleaders have shown time and time again that they would make fine strippers. Best line I EVER heard in my life was:

Cheerleaders (Maybe dance squad? All the same) got on all fours and started doing stuff that was supposed to resemble dancing.

Friend: Better get used to that position.

It was brilliant. On so many levels.


3/05/2005 4:02am,
lol, we didn't but most of my class would have been in college since they'd have gone on their LDS missions before starting college.

I don't need to relive my high school years - I've got one of those lives most people envy unless they live it... :)
Amen to that.
High school was a blast. It was better than my life prior to my fiance and I breaking up.
But it is far inferior to my life now.

3/05/2005 5:16am,
My High School years can actually be divided into two stages; pre and post-employment.

Pre-employment, I think I was basically a quasi-geek. I think people convinced me I was one and I kind of played the part.

A job at a grocery store gave me cash and confidence. And basically for my last two years I was kinda a person it seemed a lot of people wanted to know. I became this kind of "rogue intellectual".

As for events; well my trip to Europe, going to the State Football champioship as a member of my HS Marching Band, visiting North Carolina on a college tour, seeing Phantom Of The Opera and Les Miserables, missing the last week of my sophomore year with the chicken pox, seeing Jerry Stackhouse's High School team play my HS.