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2/20/2005 6:06pm,
I've done some looking into this Doo Wai.

I think it's a shame that this guy has been operating for many years, ripping people off with information from books and videos.

I'll eat my words if anyone can show me the slightest peice of evidence that this guy isn't a complete fraud.

I will share what I have found.

2/20/2005 6:14pm,

clip one (http://www.whitetigerkungfu.com/chi_materialization.htm)

clip two (http://www.whitetigerkungfu.com/chi_materialization2.htm)

Quote From one of Doo Wai's Students
From bakfupai.com archived (http://web.archive.org/web/19980516174717/www.bakfupai.com/phoenix.html)

A Word from Miguel A. Garcia,

In 1975 Grandmaster Doo Wai taught me the secret to the Flying Phoenix
Heavenly Healing Chi Materialization meditations and techniques.
I am able to personally perform theChi materialization.
I can rub my fingers and vapor will appear. I can make vapor appear without rubbing.
In the dark my Chi will GLOW as it materializes. Even if I wash my hands with soap and water beforehand. I am willing to perform the Chi Materialization for anyone for a fee, unless it is the magazines or television. Those that claim they can teach the Chi materialization must first be able to materialize the Chi themselves, otherwise how could they teach what they don't understand?
"There is nothing on this earth that is impossible to accomplish,
it is only the lack of determination that causes failure." Miguel A. Garcia.

Here is a seperate post regarding smoke materialization that sounds just like it.
New Forum Link (alt.rec.protechnics) (http://groups.google.ca/groups?hl=en&lr=&threadm=19217736.ARN1eba%40prolix.pub.uu.oz.au&rnum=5&prev=/groups%3Fq%3D%2522smoke%2522%2Bphosphorous%2Btrick %26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26selm%3D19217736.ARN1eba%2540p rolix.pub.uu.oz.au%26rnum%3D5)

Andrew Clayton on Alt.REc.Pyrotechnics

If you do this in the dark, your fingers will GLOW, phosphorous
does that [hence the term phosphorescence]

> My question is this: Is there a better way to get whatever the residue is?
> Its kind of a pain to cut the striking surfaces off of matchbooks. Each
> one produces a really small amount of useful residue.

Dunno how to do it otherwise. It's a neat trick at parties - burn
the striking surface on a large coin, and then smear the black
looking residue on your fingers, nose, chin, cheeks, and then
turn out the lights. :-)

2/20/2005 6:22pm,
White Phosphorous (http://groups.google.ca/groups?hl=en&lr=&threadm=19217736.ARN1eba%40prolix.pub.uu.oz.au&rnum=5&prev=/groups%3Fq%3D%2522smoke%2522%2Bphosphorous%2Btrick %26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26selm%3D19217736.ARN1eba%2540p rolix.pub.uu.oz.au%26rnum%3D5)

Ammonium Hydroxide (http://groups.google.de/groups?hl=de&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&threadm=35DB2ABA.EDDEEDA3%40worldnet.att.net&rnum=14&prev=/&frame=on)

Mystic Smoke Trick (http://www.hobbytron.net/Magic-Mystic-Smoke.html?AID=10281036&PID=1433872)

2/20/2005 6:28pm,
link to video (http://www.whitetigerkungfu.com/chi_materialization.htm)
This can easily by done by simply shifting your weight on any wood floor. Since the paper is dangling from a string it should absorb the vibrations of the container and the table -- like damping pendulums.

2/20/2005 6:30pm,
to be continued...

2/20/2005 6:54pm,
**** off, strangler?

(testing... :) dunno him enough)

2/20/2005 7:14pm,
Don't forget this;

You losers do not know the truth because Wai does not want you to know. Why isn it that he denies everything? Wai is a sociopathic liar who cannot help but con and decieve gullible losers like you. If you want some truth I will give you some truth. After Wai adopted me as his son he and I decided to create an art with a rich history that we could sell to morons for high prices. Neither of us dreamed the system and he and I created would become this successful. As fate would have it Wai and I had a fallout when he tried to seduce Karin.

The Truth and NOTHING but the truth is where I stand!

Bwa ha ha ha

2/20/2005 7:16pm,
These are pretty classic slight of hand tricks

2/20/2005 8:22pm,
Could you go into more detail about bak fu pai? I'm sad to say I don't know much about it (from what I have heard, it is a style that has been a closely guarded family secret for 400 years, and that recently GM Doo Wai decided to open it up and teach non-family members). Bak Fu Pai is the style that Richard Lee's Bok Fu Do marks off of. Even though it's just kenpo. *anyway*...

So yeah, Mr. Passive Fist, can you explain a little bit more of what you know on this topic?

2/20/2005 10:36pm,
Hello Beka,

It looks like the Bak Fu Pai that Do Wai Fong claims is a shallow medley of various styles including CLF, Bak Mei, Hung, Wing Chun, and whatever he could glean from books and videos. I'll post what I've found on this in future posts. I did my homework on this guy and found alot of contradictions, so I have to break the information up into seperate posts.

Here is a taste
Old Clip (http://web.archive.org/web/20011129002550/http://www.whitetigerkungfu.com/doowaiform.wmv)

Here is a look at some of his more recent creations
New Clips (http://www.whitetigerkungfu.com/demos.htm)

Maestro Nobones
2/21/2005 12:11am,
I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason, but I don't know it so I'll ask.. how did he do the wash the hands and then make smoke trick?

2/21/2005 1:22am,
I would wager he had whatever he uses for the smoke either under his nails, or reversed-palmed across the back of his hand, held in the crux of his thumb. Note the artificial way he holds his thumb. He probably flicks it out when he rapidly (too rapidly) tilts his hand over then back to show he washed it.

If it's the stuff I'm thinking of, it only takes a very small amount and he's probably just keeping it dry between his thumb and hand.

Or the ajax itself could be the dope. Or it's something that's not water soluble...

Maestro Nobones
2/21/2005 8:13am,
it does look like he never wets his thumb. I bet that's where the stuff is.

this makes me sick, stuff like this is the reason kung fu gets discredited so much.

edit - watched the vid again, he is clearly doing something phony with his thumb. He never washes his thumb, or even gets it wet.

2/21/2005 7:32pm,
You should talk to this Ian Prescott guy in PA (he has clips that he has sent to quite a number of people.) He sent me some videos clips of where Doo Wai does the "chi materialization" in seperate clips but each time it seems he has something under his nails.

Even if people dont like Jim Lacy he does have some interesting things to say about Doo Wai.

Jim Lacy told me that Wai is out to destroy kung fu.

Maestro Nobones
2/21/2005 7:34pm,
from what I've seen they both sound like charlatans. If you are associated with them, I'd do yourself a favor and get far, far away.

2/21/2005 8:50pm,
it does look like he never wets his thumb. I bet that's where the stuff is.

this makes me sick, stuff like this is the reason kung fu gets discredited so much.

edit - watched the vid again, he is clearly doing something phony with his thumb. He never washes his thumb, or even gets it wet.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear there was a damn ace along the back of his hand. It fills me with an urge to catch him second dealing, which is a whole 'nother topic.