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2/18/2005 3:12am,
Anyone have that link to the website of that redneck guy teaching bizarre nerf bat MA? The videos on his website were hilariously bizarre, being interspersed with girl's running around and him playing the banjo on the corner of the screen. That **** was funny as hell.

2/18/2005 4:26am,
Was that the same guy that sparred with another redneck by trying to slap the hats of off each other's head? That was some weird, wild stuff.

Ted Deadly
2/18/2005 10:10am,
Are you talking about MASTER Todd Weeks?




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2/18/2005 11:51am,

the dozer
2/18/2005 12:03pm,
The one where he just goes beserk is fantastic. I laugh each time the cat books it out of there....

2/18/2005 12:11pm,
Todd Weeks- is that **** serious, or is it supposed to be just an online comedy?

Im REALLY hoping its the second, because if its the first, god have mercy on his soul.

Ted Deadly
2/18/2005 12:23pm,
Heres a link to e-budo on the subject. It seems Todd is a borderline retard, but then, there are so many in the MA world.



"I beat you would not be so tough if it was not for your goddamn computer you piece of ****! Now go home to your mommie in lick her ***** a little more puke!" -Matt_Tkd5

2/18/2005 12:37pm,
Wow, that was a great letter that Alan sent - really explains a lot. Nice link, Ted.
It appears that you can download volume 5, which looks to be hilarious in a
sort-of sad way, but you have to promise to send him a buck if you watch it.
(I think I'll do it, and send him his dollar)

2/18/2005 12:53pm,
Um, that was a dollar well-spent, and I have only watched a few minutes.
He actually does a public demonstration in part one of the download!
It's mind-bogglingly funny, and would make a perfect gift if you could play
it off like it's the style you study or something. The world is weird, and
the internet makes all that weirdness just a little more accessible.

2/18/2005 1:13pm,
that guy is amazing! both at martial arts AND guitar!

christ, the end must be near.

2/18/2005 2:17pm,
Taken from the link provided
Hello Matthew,

My name is Alan Cox, and I am the website administrator for the toddweeksmovies.com website, as well as the post-production editor of his videos. I really didn't ask for the position, it kind of trapped me into a corner. The only reason I continue working with him is because he pays well, and because he's become a major icon in the goofy comedy websites on the internet. I put a rather large explanation of the Todd Weeks dilemma on your forum. You can read the details there, it's rather lenthy.

Todd cannot be described in an easy manner. The guy is totally illiterate, no joke. He can barely write his own name. He has some sort of problem mentally, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is: he's not retarded, closer to a savant than anything. He is a plumber by trade, and does relatively well at it, and gets calls very frequently even as we sit in my studio doing the editing of his raw footage. I could bet on it that he only takes a bath once every two weeks, even after having crawled around in sewage for days on end. He came over the other day to have me change some things on his website, and had a turd embedded into his t-shirt...

He once told me that people call him at ungodly hours of the evening to make prank phone calls, and he just about broke down into tears as he told me. He's a total crazy, but he just does these videos to try to get some attention or friendship. I noticed that he goes out of his way to do extra things for those that he wants to be his friend, such as every two weeks he brings me 10-30 VHS tapes of classic movies that he had collected over the years-just to borrow for a while. Sort of "paying for his friends". He's got thousands of VHS movies!

It's pretty sad if you ask me. He makes tons of money doing plumbing, has no house payment, lives in a shack that was handed down to him from his deceased parents. There are hundreds of cats around and inside of his house, and I have no clue how he talked all of those people into going down into his basement to film! (except for money, and he pays out!)

To top it all off, there is the matter of keeping the integrity of the Martial Arts aspect of things that has been in question. It is a totally screwed up dilemma, and as long as people view it as he wishes for them to-as comedy, he is totally harmless. I guess in a nutshell, he's just a horny 42-year old who's never had a chick around except to be in his movies, and needs some means of feeling like he fits in. What can we do? If you were to download the Volume 5 movie, you would see the total mockery that our local Martial Arts community made of him, in a public Kickboxing tournament. They actually let him do some demonstrations of the very stuff you've already seen in his sample videos. The announcer named off each of his techniques as he performed them, and it was just a circus in that place. I've tried to make sense of the whole thing, and I just can't. And he won't be moved, either. I've been trying to regulate some of his activity with my own influence, perhaps to try to back off of some of the girl stuff in his videos, or to move toward better quality "comedy", etc. and the guy just won't budge.

The good thing about this whole thing, is that he hasn't been taken seriously in the least. (and I doubt that anybody ever will)

I've suggested to your forum visitors that perhaps just being a friend to him might help him just feel better about himself.

I am simply a vendor that he uses to do his post production editing. If you feel that there is a worthy pursuit in bringing him to accountability for his so-called martial arts practices, so be it. I can completely understand you there. It's up to your discretion. I personally feel pretty sorry for the guy. I would rather see him continue to produce funny/wacko content for internet viewers to continue to "enjoy", if that's an appropriate word.

If you have any suggestions or further comment for me, please feel free to shoot me back a reply. This has been one gigantic headache since the day he walked up to me at my tradeshow booth, and handed me his first copy...I never knew what it would turn into-and I never expected him to follow through with a visit to my home studio! What a total frickin' nuisance it has been, but a lucrative one. I am trying to survive with my startup business after quitting Honda, and he has put food on my table during the lowest production days at my studio. I can't complain...I've never gone without a meal, and he's one reason why.

Shoot me back a reply, I'd be glad to continue discussion with you. Maybe you have some suggestions to bring him down nice and easy...without a big fight.

Thank You,

Ted Deadly
2/18/2005 2:49pm,
Here's another thread from e-budo.




"I beat you would not be so tough if it was not for your goddamn computer you piece of ****! Now go home to your mommie in lick her ***** a little more puke!" -Matt_Tkd5

Lights Out
2/18/2005 6:20pm,
The whole thing is funny. Itīs that sort of bizarre and senseless humour that I love.

But the whole story of the guy... if what Alan Cox said is true... itīs kinda sad.

EDIT: The one in which he begins to do jump kicks and scares the hell out of two cats made me laugh into tears.

2/18/2005 6:57pm,
How does he lure those people into his home/gym?!?!?!?!

Lights Out
2/18/2005 7:02pm,
Paying 100 bucks per hour.

Maestro Nobones
2/19/2005 4:10am,
holy crap, this is the best thing ever.